Dr. Daniele Ganser in swiss television about 9/11

Dr. Daniele Ganser is a popular swiss historian doing research about 9/11 for several years now. The swiss tv station U1 asked him several questions about the different theories of 9/11. Here is a small translated section of this interview - more from him to come, if wished...

There are some misspellings in the translation as it was done in a rush, but I guess you'll get the point anyway.

A Non-Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory

Taken from a reply to the blog post "The Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory", here:

Where the author takes a "highfalutin" stab at the concept of "conspiracy theory". (my interpretation)

Like so many, if not most, of these types of writings, this is really just so much intellectual masturbation.

Which can be fun. (and interesting)

But, also somewhat usual (imo), it is lacking.

People so easily forget, or perhaps simply do not understand, that so-called "conspiracy theories" are not whimsical, fantastical, illusory, fictions or pseudo-fictions, and the like. They are a real and true part of society and culture, and the human experience itself, really.

From the benign (surprise party) to the legal and criminal (Conspiracy to Commit Murder) and every level in between. (and "larger") They happen every day, all day long, all around the world. (by an untold number of people, possibly numbering in the millions, all told)