WeAreChangeLA facilitates scientific discourse on 9/11 nano-tech thermitic material w/ Gregg Roberts and Priya Vashishta

On October 14, 2009, at the same event at the University of Southern California where WeAreChangeLA had confronted former Secretary of the Air Force Thomas C. Reed on 9/11 war games and the threats of nuclear treason ( ), a conversation was struck up with Priya Vashista, a nano-energetics expert and USC professor. Vashista gave his version of a possible explanation for a spontaneous type of thermitic reaction involving the aluminum from the planes and rust from the buildings' steel. After being asked whether he was describing what he saw as the potential for the formation of nano-thermite specifically, Vashista said that he was. It was clear that he had not been familiar with the "Active Thermitic Material" itself or the specific nano-tech qualities that it displays. However, in addition to openly stating that "many questions have not been fully explained," Vashishta was quite open and thankful to receive the abstract from the "Active Thermitic Material" paper and said that he would be willing to comment on it after looking in to it.

Kevin Ryan: Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite

Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite
Posted by srsean1968 on October 22, 2009

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has had considerable difficulty determining a politically correct sequence of events for the unprecedented destruction of three World Trade Center (WTC) buildings on 9/11. But despite a number of variations in NIST’s story, it never considered explosives or pyrotechnic materials in any of its hypotheses. This omission is at odds with several other striking facts; first, the requirement of the national standard for fire investigation (NFPA 921), which calls for testing related to thermite and other pyrotechnics, and second, the extensive experience NIST investigators have with explosive and thermite materials.

by Kevin R. Ryan

Original paper available here (PDF)

Note: for better readability, we have removed important references to this online version of the paper. The original published version contains several pages of references.

“Was the steel tested for explosives or thermite residues? … NIST did not test for the residue of these compounds in the steel.”
NIST Responses to FAQs, August 2006

Senator Lindsey Graham, giving comfort to the 9/11 Commission, is now in open denial of scientific proof of 9/11 treason

Below is some of what a representative in Senator Graham's DC office told me on October 1st in response to my further inquiry into the Senator's acknowledgment and response to the information we gave him and he willingly accepted to take a look at.

At first contact, his office refused to say he had looked at the information. Now they have admitted he has reviewed the information but is still sticking with the 9/11 Commission Report, scientific evidence to the contrary be damned and his oath not withstanding.

Now, Senator Graham is adding an amendment to the appropriations bill that reads in part: "None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available for the Department of Justice by this Act may be obligated or expended to commence or continue the prosecution in (a civilian) court of the United States of an individual suspected of planning, authorizing, organizing, committing or aiding the attacks on the United States and its citizens that occurred on September 11, 2001."

Followup Letter to NC Physics Professors about the Collapse of the WTC Buildings.

As told in my earlier blog (, I had sent emails to 37 NC State Physics professors asking for help in trying to understand the contradictions of the 9/11 collapse of the WTC. I recieved no help at all after almost three months.

Here is a followup letter that I have just sent to each professor individually, and I have corrected the website for Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. I'm looking forward to some kind of response. I'll let you know.

While I am happy to have suggestions and corrections to my efforts, I think I must remind all of you that I am no expert, researcher, or physicist. There may be a lot of finer points I could make. But I am a layman, asking experts for some basic understanding. I think honest letters from laymen to the experts at universities is the best strategy to try to get academia thinking about 9/11 truth and even supporting it.
I think that getting no, or very little, response to simple questions from an average citizen like me is very telling.
We'll see what the lasted request brings.

NC State Physics Professors, All of Them, Refuse to Answer Basic Questions About the Collapse of the WTC Buildings

Over two months ago I sent an email to every full physics professors at North Carolina State University, 37 of them, requesting help in evaluating the information and evidence about the collapse of the WTC on 9/11. I mentioned that I am not an expert in physics, but I have seen many contradictions between the official story of 9/11 and what many have shown to be valid evidence. I gave them some of the sources for the evidence, such as free fall speed of collapse, Jones/Ryan's paper on nanothermite, the molten iron, etc. I explained how very important it is to understand what actually brought down the buildings and clear the air about these contradictions.

Santa Barbara Independent cover story: "Engineers and Architects Argue About What Made the World Trade Center Fall"

There is a balanced article on 9/11 (as opposed to a hit piece) currently appearing in this week's (Sept17-24) Santa Barbara Independent, a free weekly with an audited readership of about 120,000. (Authors: Jay Levin and Tom McKenzie).



One of the crucial technical disputes in American history, perhaps second only to global warming, is underway. It pits hundreds of government technicians who say the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by airplane impact against hundreds of professional architects and building engineers who insist that the Twin Towers could never have collapsed solely due to the planes and are calling for a new independent investigation. It is a fight that is not going away and is likely to get louder as more building trade professionals sign on to one side or the other.

Your Speech Shall Whisper Out of the Dust- Isaiah 29

For Steven Jones, the authors of the Active Thermitic Material paper, and Isaiah 29

Your Speech Shall Whisper Out of the Dust

All returns to earth and clay
The living, sky, waters,
The fires.

Consumed by processes
The earth speaks through sounds and motions
Guided by prophesies.

Atomized lives mingle with earth stopped torments,
Quieted, except the sounds let loose through

Those sounds, those whispers…

Your speech shall whisper out of the dust.

Fine particles of thought and emotion
Smaller than electrons find pathways
To those who give thanks, those who connect to time before.
All that is time, is sacred.

Your speech shall whisper out of the dust.

Life happens because of connection.
Connection is the thread transcendent.
Connection leads to what is and what can be.

The time has arrived.
Connection speaks. The earth speaks.

Revealed is the story of what is and what was.

Your speech shall whisper out of the dust.

Media Release - The Hard Evidence - Sydney Nov 14 2009

MEDIA RELEASE - for immediate distribution

Upcoming Sydney Conference to Demonstrate the Three Building Collapses on 9/11 Were a Controlled Demolition.

Sydney, Australia, September 14, 2009 – Truth Action Australia and will host an International Conference called “The Hard Evidence” to critically examine the three building Collapses in New York on September 11, 2001. The official explanation of these building collapse 1, 2 and 7 of the World Trade Center Complex have been attributed primarily to fire damage causing a “global collapse”, which independent scientific research has found an entirely insufficient explanation. A group of Architects and Engineers, approaching one thousand members, is demanding a new investigation of these building collapses based on hard physical evidence, witness testimony, video evidence and strict structural analysis using the original blueprints.


Calling all graphic designers: Three words: NANOTHERMITE CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Possible subtitle: wake up america

9/11 Truth activists,
These three words can be an info-weapon for awakening the masses.
Imagine these words/stickers all over the place: car bumpers, highway billboards, bulletin boards, telephone poles, and everywhere else they belong. Use your imagination. We can make it nearly impossible for anyone to claim ignorance by covering the country with these words.

If you have graphic design skills, these three words would look great arranged in the manner of Obama's "YES, WE CAN!" signs.

Just by itself, NANOTHERMITE CHANGES EVERYTHING makes a potent social consciousness thought bomb.

They can be large or small, but most importantly they need to be EVERYWHERE. We need a mass social awakening before the next 9/11.

Operation Blackout

Worldwide Release: September 11th, 2009

On April 3rd, 2009 one of the most important and explosive scientific paper was released by scientists from 3 countries. The paper is entitled “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” and demonstrates that unignited explosive residues were found in the dust of the World Trade Center collapse. This highly advanced nano-size explosive called nanothermite, which is not made in a cave in Afghanistan but rather in US defense contractor labs, could be responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 on September 11, 2001.

The Irrefutable Case for 9/11 Truth

From The Daily Mohsin

Understanding the context

The goal of the 9/11 Truth Movement (hererafter “TM”) is for there to be a criminal investigation into possible complicity by the US government in the attacks of that day. Consequently, the baseline proposition of the TM is, logically, that there is sufficient evidence of government complicity in 9/11 to warrant such an investigation.

David Ray Griffin Interview, Deadline Live with Jack Blood, American Freedom Radio, Tuesday September 01 2009: His new book.

Yesterday David Ray Griffin appeared on Deadline Live with Jack Blood, on American Freedom Radio.

Topics discussed include Mr. Griffin's appearance on "9/11 Science and Conspiracy"

The next airing is on Saturday, September 5th, 2009.

Also discussed is Mr. Griffin's new book: "The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False"

The above mp3 link also includes an interview with constitutional scolar and teacher, as well as presidential and congressional candidate, Michael Badnarik.

Exchange of emails (March 2009) with Robert Erickson, producer of the National Geographic special on 9/11

A special on 9/11 has just been shown on the National Geographic Channel, produced by Robert Erickson. Robert also conducted interviews with me and others. In March 2009, Prof. David Ray Griffin and I and Gregg Roberts exchanged emails with Robert Erickson which demonstrate our efforts to get Mr. Erickson and his team to be accurate and fair in their treatment of our scientific work regarding 9/11 – particularly the evidence for the use of explosives in the World Trade Center destruction. For the record, then, I have pulled together our exchanges of emails.

Robert Erickson, emailed David Ray Griffin on 3/27/09:
"if Jones is surprised that we just placed bags of thermite around the column...what else would Jones have suggested? "

I was informed of the question above and I responded on 3/28/09 as follows:


Bags of commercial thermite set against a steel column -- what a pathetic "experiment." Not anywhere close to representing my views, as you must know, from our discussion about the red/gray chips and the crucial distinction between ordinary thermite and super-thermite! What a terrible and unfair straw-man joke you are evidently trying to pull.

NanoThermite and NYCCAN make Better Bad News!

NanoThermite and NYCCAN make Better Bad News!

DJ Green Arrow
world record holder for Freestyle Rap (14 Hours)

rap for 9/11 Truth with pledge drive benefiting NYCCAN, Fealgood Foundation,, and, Sept. 12 at "We Demand Transparency!"
details coming soon.

Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Discusses 9/11 WTC Dust

Mark Basile is a long time chemical engineer from New Hampshire. He was mentioned when the "Active Thermitic Material" paper was released:

Important features of the research have been independently corroborated by Mark Basile in New Hampshire and by physicist Frédéric Henry-Couannier in France., proceeding from earlier scientific reports on these discoveries (e.g., by Prof. Jones speaking at a Physics Dept. Colloquium at Utah Valley University last year.) We understand that details will soon be forthcoming from these independent researchers.