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PROOF OF THERMATE QUESTIONED: Prof. Fetzer vs. Prof. Jones

PROOF OF THERMATE QUESTIONED: Prof. Fetzer vs. Prof. Jones

James H. Fetzer and Steven E. Jones

6 May 2007

NOTE: This exchange was initiated by a post from Nila Sagadevan endorsing “proof of thermate” in a post included at the end. Steve's replies to my original are identified, as are my new responses. I have edited asides in order to focus on the important issues, where anyone who has received the originals can verify the difference for themselves. I have had the great benefit of expert advice from Judy Wood, Ph.D., in preparing this reply. In my opinion, the most serious question facing the 9/11 truth movement is the adequacy of this line of research.

ORIGINAL (3 May 2007):


I am fascinated with your seemingly unqualified endorsement of Steve Jones' thermite/thermate hypothesis. I hope that some of the members of this list can help me figure this out, because I must be missing something not to recognize that his approach holds the key to understanding what happened at the World Trade Center. Please ask your list if someone could help me figure out what I have wrong. Thanks!

JONES (4 May 2007):