Angled cut column explained.

The photo with the angled cut column has somehow taken on an almost mythical status amongst some people in the 9/11 movement. In this short video I explain that it's not evidence of thermite and how it could very well have been done by cleanup crews with a thermic lance.

So, let's look at some real evidence of explosives on the core columns. Gordon Ross' theory, in which concussion charges are placed against the welds of the thickest core columns, explains exactly what we see in the pile; column ends that are bent, broken and exploded. You can watch his presentation on YouTube (part 1, part 2, part 3).

Demonstrating that the WTC was demolished using side-by-side before & after streaming video comparisons

I have a hard time explaining to people in words why the aftermath of the World Trade Center collapse can only be explained by the use of explosives; nothing else could have pulverized the buildings so quickly and thoroughly. Since most people need to see something (rather than hear it) in order to process it fully, I put together this page where you can play close-up videos of the Twin Towers in all their enormity simultaneously side-by-side with videos shot at ground zero in the immediate aftermath. I think this can effectively demonstrate to people that the scale of the demolition was beyond what gravity could do by itself.

Steven Jones' dust analysis shown at Sydney truth event

This is a clip shown at the Sydney truth event last month. This will give everyone an idea of what the Between The Lines documentary will look like. Not many people were able to see it when I posted it before, and it had to be hastily taken down. Enjoy.

Exerpt from Between The Lines released - Steven Jones dust sequence

I just finished editing this sequence for Between the Lines. I just couldn't help myself, I had to release it and I hope you guys like it. For those in Australia attending the engagement which Dr Jones mentioned in his most recent blog, you will see this as well as about 10 minutes of additional stuff. Thanks everyone for your support.

TruthBurn Audio Documentary Tuesday, Feb 19 5pm Pacific

Dennis Bernstein is living up to his promise to broadcast more 9/11 Truth stories. He plans to broadcast about 20 minutes of our work in process, the TruthBurn Video, on Feb. 19th 5pm Pacific, on KPFA.

Thanks to Richard Gage, Scott Page & Charles Pegelow of, all our supporters including Michael Wolsey of
Carol Brouillet , Steven Jones & many many more. Thank you all.

TruthBurn site:


Why Bush & Condi Rice Are So Nervous These Days (?)

From Bill Douglas writing at OpEdNews:

December 23, 2007

Why Bush & Condi Rice Are So Nervous These Days (?)

By Bill Douglas

Why Bush & Condi Rice Are So Nervous These Days (?)
According to the Chicago Tribune, “TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION --Internet blows CIA cover” article of March 12, 2006, when the Tribune searched a commercial online data service, the result was a virtual directory of more than 2,600 CIA employees.The 9/11 truth movement numbers at least 230 professional engineers and architects. This is only the membership of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. There are many whistleblowers like Kevin Ryan a former department manager of Underwriter Laboratories who inspected World Trade Center tower steel, both before and after the collapses of the WTCs on 9/11/2001.

Other technical researchers include Jim Hoffman, author and webmaster of, and former Brigham Young University Physics Professor, Steven Jones.

TruthBurn Sign Up Again in Marin County.

The Truth Sign is up again after its debut at this year's Burning Man. It now lives on its temporary home on a ranch in Marin County California. We plan to do further experiments with cutting thick structural steel, including using an new thermate cutter charge to slice through a piece of 2" thick plate steel...similar in thickness to the structural steel used on World Trade buildings 1 & 2. We will keep you posted about this event. We are also working on our short TruthBurn video documentary about why the sign was built. Plans include contacting various outdoor galleries to host the sign. The video, once completed, will accompany the sign. Dr. Steven jones has been using burnt thermate samples from our Burning Man event to compare to WTC thermite residue. The similarities are astonishing.

For more, please visit

Thermite charge

Debunkers have been making an issue out of how WTC 7 could have collapsed via controlled demolition without many (or any) incidents of explosive flashes and/or sounds. Well, here is the answer!


Source of PDF of related patent:

Note: To download PDF, click on "Save Full Document".

United States Patent Application 20060266204
Kind Code A1
Givens; Richard W. ; et al. November 30, 2006
Thermite charge


The present invention provides for cutting operations using linear thermite charges; the charges cut one dimensional or two dimensional geometric shapes; the invention is useful for structure entry or demolition.

Inventors: Givens; Richard W.; (Columbus, OH) ; Klein; Jerome A.; (Raymond, OH) ; Burky; Thomas E.; (Monroe Township, OH) ; Reuther; James J.; (Worthington, OH)
Correspondence Name and Address:


Dr Steven Jones Lab Analysis of TruthBurn/WTC Thermite Residue

Just got this in from Dr. Jones.
Dr. Jones said he used these comparisons (images) in a recent lecture in Connecticut

View images here:

Here's an interesting link about a defense contractor that makes linear charges for the military. Their other products are interesting to look at.

and this re: nano-explosives as applied to nano-composite exothermic reactions

Excerpt from link -

Scientists at Texas Tech University made a nanocomposite of
aluminum and iron oxide (Fe2O3) that reacts exothermically when
ignited. The material could have applications in explosives or
as an energy source in micro-electro-mechanical systems devices or
in space. The researchers made a honeycomb-like alumina template by
electrochemical anodization of an aluminum foil in an acid. They
were able to tailor the diameter of the template’s pores by
altering the voltage and the acid used, producing pores between
10 and 150 nanometers (nm). The team then electrodeposited iron

Burning Man and WTC Thermite Residue Compared By Steven Jones

(This is a repost. Some snafu happened. Sorry for the lost comments)

Electron microscopy reveals similarities to WTC thermite residue.
Dr. Steven Jones just turned in these electron microscope images of thermite residue from the September 2, 2007 TruthBurn demonstration at Burning Man. Iron rich spheres that look very similar to WTC iron spheres were revealed by the powerful microscope at Jones' lab. An analysis is forthcoming.
Image from Burning Man sample

A short video of the reaction that produced these samples can be found at The TruthBurn art event was a memorial to all 911 victims, an attempt to demonstrate the steel cutting powers of thermite, its probable use in the controlled demolition of all 3 WTC buildings and to foster more discussion on the important work of ae911truth.The sign is now having a second life as a magnet for 911 Truth ideas. We are open to outstanding ideas for its use.

This image is from a WTC sample submitted to Dr. Jones.

ae911Truth at the Petaluma Progressive Festival

Images from the event:

Today, Sunday, Sept 30, a well attended Petaluma Progressive Festival featured two 911 truth booths, one was hosted by John Parulis of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth the other by noted 911 filmmaker Ken Jenkins. Dozens of people stopped by to talk about ae911truth and architect Richard Gage's organizing effort. A large piece of steel that we cut through with thermite at Burning Man was also on display along with samples of solidified iron residue from the thermite reaction. Dr. Steven Jones is now analyzing some of these Burning Man samples to compare them to WTC samples.
Local TV Station channel 26 in Marin County took our latest DVD to broadcast on Marin Cable TV.
A mini documentary of our themite demonstration at Burning Man is in the works.
See for more media and 911 technical info.

About 70 lbs of Thermite Ignited at Burning Man as Part of 911 Truth Demonstartion

Love that sign!! Please DO NOT try this at home. -sbg

...a teaser clip. Excellent talk by Richard Gage, at Burning Man before the thermite ignition, in edited version now in process. Actual steel burned in demonstration & thermite sample will be on exhibit at Grand Lake Theatre shows.

Dr. Frank Legge publishes article in the August volume of the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Dr. Frank Legge has published an excellent article “Conspiracy Theories, Myths, Skepticism, and 9/11: their Impact on Democracy” in the Journal of 9/11 Studies, today. It passed peer review prior to publication.

It begins thus: “Abstract: A discussion of conspiracy theories, myths and skepticism is presented. The importance of skepticism in a society in which myths may be deliberately created by authorities to manipulate the public is stressed. A range of methods of avoiding acceptance of myths, including application of the scientific method, is demonstrated using the events of 9/11. A clear understanding of events, unclouded by myths, is essential for the proper functioning of a democracy.

Key words: conspiracy, myth, skepticism, 9/11, democracy, propaganda, thermite, trans fats, cholesterol, PNAC, NIST, FEMA, EPA, Orwell

Frank Legge
PhD (Chem)

Can thermite explain underground molten pools of metal? Maybe - It contains its own oxygen.

Proponents of the micro-nuke theory of controlled demolition have argued that the molten metal found weeks after 9/11 cannot be explained by thermite, since fire requires oxygen. They say the red-hot metal underground proves that nuclear devices were used on 9/11.

It was pretty easy to find the error in the above argument. Thermite does not require atmospheric oxygen in order to burn, so a thermite fire could continue burning underground.

Thermite is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum.

Here is the equation:

FE2 O3 + 2AL ---> AL2 O3 + 2 FE
Thermite = Iron Oxide + Aluminium ---> Aluminium Oxide + Iron + Heat

The same amount of oxygen goes into and comes out of the reaction; it just changes over from iron oxide to aluminium oxide.

This makes sense - if the reaction depended on oxygen from the air, it wouldn't burn so hot.
Air is only about 20% oxygen and is also very diluted being a gas, compared to a solid like iron oxide - that's why some rockets use solid fuel.