Time Conversion

Time Zone Conversion Verified

In order to confirm or refute the claim that the BBC 24 video discussed the collapse of WTC 7 before it happened, I did a little research.

First, being an American who doesn't know much about UK time zones, I wanted to see what part of the United Kingdom BBC 24 actually broadcasts from. Answer: East London.

Second, given that London is in a different time zone from New York, and that daylight savings time may have effected both locations, or only one location, or neither location on 9/11, I wanted some definitive way to convert the timezones.

911Blogger poster jonmardavid provided the answer:

"From http://www.timezoneconverter.com
21:54:00 Tuesday September 11, 2007 in Europe/London converts to
16:54:00 Tuesday September 11, 2007 in America/New_York

BBC News 24 on the TV displays UK time, including the changes for BST so when the screen showed 21.54, then it was 16.54 in New York."