tony nicer

TONY NICER PRESENTS:One of the best Hip Hop Track's about 911 featuring Alex Jones and LC CREW "Crooks And Liars"

I am proud to introduce to you So Gone from Philly.

So gone is a member of

"911 was an inside job" room

This has got to be the best rap featuring Alex Jones and the Loose Change Crew I have heard thus far.

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God Bless you all and Keep on Keepin on, we will prevail.

Tony Nicer

Fox News and the Neo Con Agenda are attacking 9/11 TRUTH Movement using Ron Paul as a Punching Bag

Ron Paul is attacked because he has supported 9/11 Truth.

I'll Let the video speak for it self.


Tony Nicer May 11th 2007:Luke Rudkowski gives us updates Silverstien thug gets fired for calling in fake bomb threat on Luke.

On May 11th I interviewed Luke as he gave us updates in the "911 was an inside job" room on Silverstein Security Thug Loses Job for calling in Fake bomb threat on Luke. Hear Luke tell it as it happened.

Tony and Luke 5-11-7wearechange luke gives updates to 911 was an inside job chat room

This is the thug that got fired see what he did.

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