9/11maps: the ultimate 9/11 tool

Twelve years have passed since 9/11. In these intervening years, two commissions, several reports, many books, papers, documentaries and of course History Commons have documented what happened that fateful day.

To this day, hundreds of thousands of documents have been released, which represents a massive amount of information (videos, maps, reports, testimonies, tapes data, radar data, flight data recorders, and so on) to examine. There was, therefore, a crucial need for a tool for categorizing and analyzing important data. In this particular aim, 9/11maps have collected RADES84 data, documents from, photos, videos, maps and plenty of useful documents to produce an all-in-one tool called 9/11 maps allowing anyone to look at this whole documentation at one place and from a timely and comprehensive perspective. You can follow the events of the day just as if you were looking at a radar screen. But you can do many other things. 9/11maps is a Google Earth program that allows anyone to watch and search the events of 9/11.

Secrets of Persuasion for Truth Activists

Truth activists have all the facts on our side, but how do we persuade people who stubbornly refuse to listen to those facts? I read a book recently which provides expert marketing advice for political activists1. This essay summarizes principles of persuasion for use by truth activists.

Those promoting a fascist agenda have long been using advanced marketing techniques to manipulate people. We must understand these techniques in order to shield ourselves from manipulation.

In addition, using these tools in our work to protect our liberties, spread truth and promote justice will make us more effective.

3 Brains

The first thing to understand about persuasion is that every person actually has 3 brains. Top-notch communicators appeal to all 3 brains.

The 3 brains are: