Top 50 Influential people

New Statesman Cover Story: David Ray Griffin 41st Most Influential Person in the World!

Letter from David Ray Griffin published here with his approval - Adam

Dear Colleagues,

I'm sending you a few selections from the cover story in the recent New Statesman. Check out # 41.

This is rather amazing: Even though it's a backhanded compliment, it is QUITE a compliment to me and the 9/11 Truth Movement. This famous left-wing British magazine does, to be sure, say that we are "pernicious," but it seems to think that we are quite significant, being one of the 50 most important groups in the world at this time.

My only regret is the number 41 position: I always hated it in the 1980s when little old ladies would tell me that I looked "just like George Bush. (For those of you in other countries, "41" is the short-hand reference for George H.W. Bush, our 41st president.)