The Top September 11 Conspiracy Theories

My reply to: The Top September 11 Conspiracy Theories

This is a reply that I wrote to them....

I encourage everyone to do something similar.

This article is really a farce!!!

I can tear it appart peice by peice.... Here.... Alow me!

1) The World Trade Center (WTC) twin towers were destroyed by controlled demolitions.

This is how the collapses may have appeared to non-experts, but demolition experts point out many differences:

* Demolition professionals always blow the bottom floors of a structure first, but the WTC tower collapses began at the upper levels, where the planes hit the buildings.

- Sure, but that does not mean that a building CANNOT be destroyed in this fashion. In fact, there are SEVERAL instances where DEMOLITIONS have destroyed the top part first and then blew the bottom part.

* Non-experts claim that debris seen blowing out of windows was evidence of explosive charges, but experts identify this as air and light office contents (paper, pulverized concrete, etc.) being forced out of windows as floors collapsed on each other.