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Michelle Shephard " A decade of fear revealed "

"Journalism, it is said, is just the first draft of history" Quoted in the Edmonton Journal and other Post Media Newspapers in Canada October 2, 2011 by Toronto Star’s national security reporter Michelle Shephard. Journalist provides a global view of years since 9/ ll ...

Toronto Star media critic: Rosie fired for asking tough questions about 9/11

I don't necessarily agree that Rosie got "The Boot", however, great article in a mainstream paper!! You can contact the author at azerbis[at]

Big thanks to Simuvac and Arnie from for the scoop...

Antonia Zerbisias, the Toronto Star media critic, writes the following in today's edition:

Last Wednesday, in the immediate aftermath of the announcement that dominated the American news agenda and cycle for days, CNN's Larry King was in hot pursuit of the story.

Rude, lewd, crude Rosie O'Donnell was leaving ABC's daytime talk show The View.

Naturally, King was obligated to seek out The Combover Which Talks, Donald Trump.

"She's a disgusting person," said Trump, who has been trading insults with O'Donnell since January. "She's a slob."

Then he called for censorship.

"Sadly, after the Don Imus thing, people are going to have to be, I guess, more careful as to what they're saying," he said, as if the former MSNBC morning man's racist, sexist "nappy-headed hos'' line equals grabbing your crotch and saying "Eat me'' to The Ego Who Walks.

"Insisting that O'Donnell had been fired instead of being unable to come to a contract agreement, Trump said O'Donnell was an 'embarrassment to this country.''' That's because she had latched on to the growing '9/11 Truth Movement,' which dismisses the official story about the 2001 terrorist attacks.