"Unfair Dealing" Documentary by David Weingarten

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Unfair Dealing by David Weingarten

I just came across this video about the alleged Toronto terrorist plot, which was a total "made in Canada" PsyOp.

If you have not seen it yet, you may want to check it out and let others know too.

Afterwards, think about that plastic "hand grenade" mirror ornament too, as seen in the recent Walmart video, and as innocent as that ''may' have been, how dangerous this 'could' be for the individuals involved, and for the movement.

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February 16th Nationwide Protest for A Referendum Against the SPP

Canadians Hold a Nationwide Protest for A Referendum Against the Security and Prosperity Partnership

February 17th, 2008

Waking up to the NAU

On February 16th thousands of educated and awake Canadians took part in a nationwide protest against the SPP and NAU.

Through, a handful of Canadians were able to organize and coordinate demonstrations to be held simultaneously in more than a dozen cities from Fredericton Nova Scotia to Victoria BC. Tens of thousands of Canadians were awakened to the threat of the NAU as a result, and it has galvanized ordinary citizens to take part in grassroots political action.

Toronto Truth Group Pickets CBC

A Toronto 9/11 Truth Group distributed videos and flyers to employees of the CBC, who seemed sympathetic. Here is a blogger's account:

The media moratorium on coverage of recent findings relating to the September 11th attacks is not exclusively an American phenomenon. Even though the metallurgical fingerprints of military cutting charges have been found in the rubble of the twin towers and independent investigators have unearthed footage of the BBC's American bureau demonstrating foreknowledge in the collapse of World Trade Centre 7 - revelations for which one might expect a headline or two - nothing but a stony silence is heard from our national media institutions.

Barrie Zwicker Interview Rough Cuts Aug 12 2006

Here are some rough cuts from my August 12 2006 interview with Barrie Zwicker.

Toronto 9/11 Truth - Saturday, March 17 2007

Here is a compilation of 9/11 truth seekers taken on Saturday, March 17 2007 at the Pan-Canadian day of action anti-war rally. Thank you to all who made comments and represented for 9/11 truth.

Webster Tarpley on Toronto Radio - Monday April 2nd

Webster Tarpley is scheduled to appear this coming
Monday, April 2nd at 11pm (Eastern) on CFRB
News-Talk 1010 AM with Richard Syrett



GUEST: WEBSTER GRIFFIN TARPLEY, historian and author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in The USA. He first gained attention for co-authoring, with Anton Chaitkin, a 1992 book on George H.W. Bu sh, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography.

Streaming Audio available at

Toronto Truth Events - March 30, 31

Coming to:

Brunswick Theatre
296 Brunswick Ave. Toronto ON

MANUFACTURING TERROR: 9/11 and the Toronto 17
Friday, Mar 30, 9:30 PM

Loose Change Viewing
Saturday, Mar 31, 4:30 PM

MANUFACTURING TERROR: 9/11 and the Toronto 17
Saturday, Mar 31, 7:00 PM

Notice that on Saturday, Loose Change is followed by the Manufacturing Terror talk, so that is the day to go if you wanna see both. See ya there!

9/11 Truth Takes Toronto

There was a strong 9/11 Truth presence at the Anti-War Rally in Toronto today. The Toronto 9/11 Questions Meetup Group as well as other Truthers joined the anti-war crowd to demand Truth and Accountability from our leaders.

Here are the highlights (Click each image for full size):

Full Size Banner:

Expose 9/11:

Inside Job:

Demand 9/11 Truth:

Police Had Second Mole in Toronto Terror Plot

The Globe and Mail revealed today that the RCMP had a second mole stage-managing the alleged terror plot in Toronto this past summer.

Police had second mole in terror plot

"A first mole, Mubin Shaikh, has already declared he was involved in a terrorist training camp, attended mostly by teenagers. But the second man, who was not acknowledged publicly until now, played an equal, if not more important, role.

Just as Mr. Shaikh was useful to police and the spies at the beginning stages of the plot, the second informant was crucial toward the end. It's believed that he put key suspects in touch with a police agent — possibly himself — who claimed to be able to purchase tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

By law the man, whose university studies included chemistry, can't be identified. But it's expected he will be an important prosecution witness when the case goes to trial.

None of the allegations against the 18 youths and men arrested in the sweep have been tested in court."