Please pass this on to NY/NJ 9/11 Truthers

The articles linked below help to substantiate that a van was stopped at the George Washington Bridge on 9/11, about 10:30pm by Port Authority police. It was reported to be full of explosives, and the G.W. Bridge was closed for several hours. Two or three suspects were arrested, and the FBI quickly took over.

We need to get the Port Authority police reports of that incident to prove it actually happened.

We also need interviews and affidavits from police officers who were there that night.

If the feds made a van full of explosives disappear and covered it up, then that could be considered TREASON. The police officer affidavits could be taken to federal judges as evidence of treason. This could blow the lid off 9/11 if people will volunteer to do the hard investigating.

Corroborating Orwell & a van full of explosives at the G.W. Bridge