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From The Heart, 9/11 First Responder John Feal To Donate A Kidney To A Stranger

I'm really just awestruck by this man. There are no words. - Jon

Worker injured at Ground Zero to give kidney to stranger


Newsday Staff Writer
January 4, 2007

John Feal knows a lot about suffering. Permanently disabled during rescue efforts at the World Trade Center, he dedicated his life to helping others. Now he is giving even more than money or time - he is donating a precious kidney to a former Queens man he met over the Internet.

"He went to my Web site,, and told me what good work I was doing," said Feal of Paul Grossfeld, a former Sunnyside resident who now lives in Marlboro, N.J. After Grossfeld told him he needed a kidney, Feal didn't think twice. "I told him, I'll do it. "

Seven days after the terrorist attacks, Feal was working demolition at Ground Zero when an 8,000-pound steel beam fell onto his left foot. The man next to him fainted when he saw the blood spurting from the injury. Feal, an Army veteran from Nesconset, made a tourniquet out of his belt and yelled for help.