Truth 9/11 facts Scandal

I just read a Yahoo news article ....

.... located at
It is titled "Search for human remains exapands at WTC".

I hope the people finding the debris are not continuing the practice of destruction of evidence. The Crews that are sifting through the material should be instructed that the WTC-related debris such as computer parts, office carpet, electrical wires and steel are all evidence in the largest mass murder in our nations histiory.

There should be supervisors who have the ability and forensic knowledge to bag and tag the evidence for a trail to be used when the evildoers are finally brought to justice. In no way should the evidence be turned over to the FBI or other governmental agecy to safeguard. The WTC 7 controlled demolition can be used as a reason that they are not competent to protect evidence.

If a Court order is required the relatives of the families should have an attorney file whatever papers are necessary to protec the integrity of this evidence.

Apparently, God is on our side and wants us to continue to work for truth justice and the real American way.