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Fascism Then and Now: A Special Report by Hereward Fenton

22 February 2011 | Hereward Fenton

Since the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks many western countries have experienced an erosion of the freedom which I was brought up to believe was a guaranteed, non-negotiable part of modern society. In retrospect it appears that this freedom was only ever attained tentatively and required constant vigilance in order to prevent us slipping back into more barbaric forms of social organisation.


A Tale of Two Truth Movements

Over two episodes Truth News Radio Australia investigates the growing "new age" truth movement, which embraces a vast collection of disparate ideas, conspiracy theories and psycho-spiritual concepts.

Episode 1:
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Episode 2:
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In the first episode we explore the epistemological roots of "truth" and try to get to the bottom of the social phenomenon that is this wider truth movement.

In the second episode we continue our exploration of the wider truth movement with Adam Davis, web master of