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BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth

BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth
Internet social broadcasting service cracking down on anyone daring to question the government

by James Corbett
10 May, 2008

BlogTalkRadio is an internet-based social broadcaster that allows users to set up and host their own radio talk-show with nothing more than a phone and an internet long as they don't question the government.

As Brian McLain found out, daring to bring up questions about the government's official 9/11 fairy tale will not be tolerated by the thought police at BlogTalkRadio. Until recently, he was host of 'The Angry Scotsman' program hosted on the BlogTalkRadio site. His program was quickly cancelled, however, and his archive of previous episodes purged from the Web after the BTR censors found out about his plan to host an episode dedicated to questioning the official 9/11 story.


I don't know if I can listen to Alex Jones anymore. I can understand his anger and frustration but his ranting is often rude (when he interupts callers who've been waiting) and it doesn't really enlighten us or further the conversation. Sometimes a caller will have some intelligence or info to offer and Alex will just go AWOL on air and start foaming at the mouth screaming 'They're scum!!!' It happened again today, the 17th. I stopped listening at that precise moment and chucked the file. In fact, I've chucked all my AJ audio files. I guess that makes me scum. Alex also has no idea as to how to debate anyone. His initial reaction is often to ridicule them with his smarmy sarcastic voice and then he machine guns out a gagillion facts to overwhelm the whole conversation. At this point the person usually tries to reply then Alex puts them on hold etc. I think Alex needs a holiday. I think Alex needs to realize that he may be getting new listeners and that these new listeners will be receptive to information instead of insane rants of a lunatic patriot. I think Alex also needs to realize that some of these listeners are calling to offer information that other listeners like myself are curious to hear about but sadly Alex, of late, just cuts them off with his dribbling and garbled ranting.