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EDIT: Rescheduled for Friday - 5-18-2007 - Johnny Wave scheduled for Truth Revolution Radio Tonight

EDIT: Due to problems beyond the host's control, this interview is re-scheduled for Friday, 5-18-2007.

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Johnny Wave USMC on Truth Revolution Radio tonight

Johnny Wave USMC returns to Truth Revolution Radio tonight for a full length interview.

9 PM Pacific Listen Live

TRR Archive

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Johnny Wave and Richard Gage on Truth Revolution Radio

Last night, Cosmos had a short interview with Marine, Johnny Wave, and a long interview with California architect, Richard Gage of

MP3 D/L and audio stream;

Mon., May 14, 2007

Putfile stream (minus 2-minute drop-out at 7:26 mark)

UPDATE - Truth Revolution Radio documents the 5/11 action.

UPDATE - Check out the POST MAY 11 REPORTS/PICS/VIDEO HERE thread over at to see reports from Maryland, Sydney, Ottawa, Poconos, Melbourne {Florida}, San Jose/South Bay, Tacoma, San Francisco, Detroit, Dallas, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Santa Cruz, Alberta and Tuscon!


In towns and cities all over the USA, Canada and Australia, 9/11 activists hit the street, protested media silence/complicity in front of media outlets, met the general public, and got the word out.

Cosmos and Luke hosted live callers and played reports from events that were called in on Friday.

"Truth Revolution Radio" play Mon-Fri at 11pm Central.

We The People Archive (Real Player stream & D/L)

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The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio and

Call In May 11 Action Reports All Day 1-512-646-6445 for broadcast on tonight's Truth Revolution Radio.

Massive media contact list - use it today!

Live NYC Truth March Broadcast

1st ever live NYC street action broadcast 12pm - 6pm EST on

5/11/07 will stand for 5+ years since the horrendous acts on 9/11/01, we as CHANGE will not stop until the truth behind 9/11 comes out. We will meet in the Streets each 11th and stand up for truth and justice.

12:00 PM - WTC Building 7
1:30 PM - Federal Reserve
2:00 PM - New York Stock Exchange
3PM-5PM - Columbus Circle
5:00 PM - Times Square

The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio

Cosmos and Luke report on May 11 actions for truth and justice from around the world.
Call in with your report LIVE between 9 - 10 pm Pacific 1-888-202-1984
Or call in and record your report any time today at 1-512-646-6445
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The Basics with Luke on Truth Revolution Radio

Luke on Truth Revolution Radio talking about the basics of getting started in 9/11 truth activism.

Truth Revolution Radio Monday May 7

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Luke comes on in the third segment of the first file, 17 min in on the second.

Please excuse the technical difficulties.


Truth Revolution Radio Live Now!

Cosmos has on Sophia, the director of 9/11 Mysteries discussing social engineering ...

archived above....

get active!


Congratulations To Cosmos (YT) On His First Week Of Truth Revolution Radio

I very much like the format of this particular show. Keep up the good work.

Monday, April 23rd with Luke Rudkowski
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Wednesday, April 25th with Carol Brouillet
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