How to Tell a Shill From a Real Truth Seeker

No offense to this site but I am 100% positive that there are neo-con dis-info agents on this blog trying to slow down and disorganize the system. I am sure that 911 blogger is a reputable site, but there is no way of keeping those shills out. I enjoy this site a lot and understand there is no way to keep these people away. The only thing you can do is ignore them and expose them.


You will notice that they usually are in a small minority opposition voice to any good idea. When a person suggests an idea and 12 people are pro, and 3 people are against it, you can be sure that at least 1 if not all 3 are dis-info agents. That’s how they work.

They always want to seem to slow you down by trying to get you to waste time talking to them instead of actually doing anything. They will try to debate you all the time instead of actually getting anything done. IGNORE THEM…

Don’t let these people talk you out of doing things that will help spread the word. They are here to make you feel awkward and say things like “It will not work” or “Don’t do that you might get someone upset” HOGWASH

Forget Space Beams - Remember what we have achieved!!!

I am really disenchanted with the unscientific demeanor of many people here.

Calling themselves truther, but refuse to evaluate evidence. In my book (and of every scientist and honest thinker) that is called DECEIVING.

For example: Here are these Ondrovic exploding cars, heated metal, windows blown out, plastic not-even-singed and these guys have the inpertinence to ridicule and censor people who want to find the truth about what caused these phenomena.

Here is a cohesive argument and they IGNORE IT as if it was regarding a different subject.

Whats more, they insult everyone willing to talk about it ... and try to kill meaningful discourse with the same insane argument:

Newbies will be "turned off" by it, and Fox will win.


What does it matter? You have achieved zip, zilch, nada!! Bush Junta black-op spills the guts of iraqi women and children and control all types of energy of all americans TO THIS DAY, relentless.

Who the @#$%^&! do you think you are?
Something better than Killtown and CB_Brooklyn?
The protector of the non-existant grail or the innocent shildren or the mythical unspoiled American?

A Reason for a Cause

I was born in 69, the tail end of the "love" era. I can still remember the multi-colored yellow and orange flowers that made up the design on the living room sofa as I was growing up. Captain Kangaroo, Speed Racer, and Land of the lost topped my television favorites.

My father died when I was 7 and I grew up kind of rebellious. I had my first apartment at 15 and worked part time for the apartments I lived in to pay the rent. I was never really into fads or trends. I was the only guy in my entire school with long hair, which I dealt with a tremendous level of mental and physical abuse by the other kids. I put up with it for years just doing my thing, taking it as it came, and moving on.

One day, when I was about 15 a girl passed me a note in class. It was from one of the best looking girls in my school, very popular and sought after by many of the jock type guys. The note from her said that she liked me and wanted me to call her.

I called her and even went over to her house a couple of times when her parents were not home. I was pretty happy that for the first time in my life I was actually dating a girl from my school. I went to an upper class school and all the girls I had ever met were from another neighboring school with not so upper class people.

Why is nothing being done?

I just got done watching the loose change 911 video and there is one thing I don't understand. WHY IS NOTHING BEING DONE?! Other than the word being spread, with this
OVERWHELMING amount of evidence why is NO ONE investigating, why is our government not being held accountable for and answering the questions that need to be answered?

And I really need to know, what can myself and everyone of us do to get our government to answer our questions?

Updated site!

We updated our site at all movies are free with a $2.50 donation with the option to donate for 5, 10 and 20 copies of each movie, please check out our site and contact us with any questions you may have, thank you


STOP BEIN BLINDED BY THE LIGHT we know the government was behind 9-11
everyone has to show the truth to everyone that doesn't believe
its not their fault they only see what the media says, which is controlled by the government
so they have no choice to believe what they see on tv
we must show them other sources of information and the truths
we all must come together and stop complaining and do something about this

9/11Truth Political Party

Reprinted from Resistance Intelligencer

I think everyone can agree that the campaign to get the information out there to the people has been a resounding success thus far, the results to every poll are a testament to that.

Is it time to take the next step and start wielding some of the power this movement has accumulated? It is often said that senior citizens wield a considerable amount of political might in the United States. For the most part this is because they have numbers and they get out and vote, reliably and consistantly. While I think their power has somewhat decreased in recent years, there can be no doubt that political candidates make concessions to this power, and even at times go out of their way to mollify them, if for no other reason than through the fear that this voting bloc may come out in strength against them. I feel that the Truth Movement could rival this power and most likely excede it.

We certainly have the numbers on our side. Just look at any of the many online polls and you see the numbers... remember the Charlie Sheen poll? How about the 0wnage of the United 93 forums? Hell, check some net traffic reports or data on search terms, 9/11 Truth sites are some of the busiest out there. That's some serious numbers.

It's simply amazing...

On september 13th i decided to finally wake up and open my eyes, and investigate what is really going on with the whole 9/11 thing. So in my reasearch i decided that it would be in the best interest of the people if i started a truther site. This truther site is . I then created a forum right after i bought the domain name, and got hosting for it from It's simply amazing, the feedback i've recieved on the site was great, the number of visitors started to rise dramatically as if all of the sudden it was the next best thing to sliced bread. members started to join the fourm, and actively post, things were GREAT! I knew we were onto something good for the people.

Here we are almost 1 month later from the conception of this site, and things aren't as good as they started to be. Noone hardly joins the forum no more, and the people that already joined dont even actively post, infact most of the posting is done by ME. This is sad, how do people expect to get the word out, how do they expect to be heard if they fail to be active. All i ask is that people join the forum and the site, and post information, news, questions, answers, ect.

Vancouver 911 Truth Movement: Activists Wanted!

Vancouver 911 Truth Movement is looking for activists at our new home on

If you are from the Vancouver / Lower-Mainland area of B.C. please join us.

We will also be meeting again in person on Wed. October 4th to plan our next public events etc.

If you would like to get active about 9/11 Truth, here is the place to start.

We won't publish locations for private meetings in public view, but if you join up, you will be notified.

Don't be a spectator - Get involved!

Let's get VISIBLE and let's get LOUD!


SOMETHING is WRONG......... HELP ME!!!!! Please!

This will be my last Blog for a while, so I really would like to read your comments....

First off, I have been a "Truther" for over 4 years, but am new to this site. My first question would be this... "How many truthers really read this site?" Is it just a couple hundred...or is it thousands? I watch the site counter, and see it going throught the roof. How many people are on here for real....or is it just a small group that keeps coming back ten times a day like myself?

I am a 40 year old guy that is very $$ Stable, and have many options in regards to what I do with my life. I read every post that you guys put up, and I love you guys for it. BUT, I have a gut feeling that we as AMERICA are in serious trouble. We have a Gov't that is totally out of control and has an Agenda that we can only speculate about. We are in serious trouble.

My dad who is 74, is a 50 year Republican, and to my "SHOCK" he said this. "Bush is a NUT, he is destroying what this country has stood for!". When I listened to this coming from my dads mouth...the chills ran right down my spine. We actually had a discussion about some 9/11 issues, and I showed him the truth about 9/11. I showed him the 10 minute clip of Alex Jones's Martial law only concerning WTC7. My dad was so pissed, he continued to say..."They are all crooks...from the Bottom up." Remember.....this is my 74 year old Republican to get to my point ....... I am scared. I am one of those tough guy wrestler/Rugby players that you would never want to confront. I am not saying this to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am the supposed tough guy, but I am scared to death for us. Why the F**K doesn't anybody see through this gov'ts BULLSHIT. We are screwing our own future.........

NY911Truth Action at the CFR on 9/22/06 members members protest outside the CFR building, great stuff, check it out:

Radio Indymedia doing 9/11 TRUTH all day tomorrow

In honor of the thousands who died on 9/11/01, and the many thousands more who died in the wars that have been conducted since, RadioActive sanDiego will play audio related to 9/11. Including lectures by David Ray Griffin, Michel Chossudovsky, John Judge, and Ralph Shoenman, interviews with Fred Burks, Nafeez Ahmed, and James Fetzer, as well as audio collected at the D.C. Truth Emergence, and the Chicago 9/11 Truth conference.

to listen, go to
in san diego our stream is rebroadcasted on 106.9 FM

Also, see my latest show, where I have on "San Diegans for 9/11 Truth"

NIST Responds to 9/11 Truthers

NIST has been forced to respond, in a set of questions and answers, to points raised by 9/11 truth advocates. Here is the webpage. I eagerly await a rebuttal from people who know more about this issue than I do.

The questions which NIST purports to address are:

1. If the World Trade Center (WTC) towers were designed to withstand multiple impacts by Boeing 707 aircraft, why did the impact of individual 767s cause so much damage?

2. Why did NIST not consider a “controlled demolition” hypothesis with matching computer modeling and explanation as it did for the “pancake theory” hypothesis? A key critique of NIST’s work lies in the complete lack of analysis supporting a “progressive collapse” after the point of collapse initiation and the lack of consideration given to a controlled demolition hypothesis.

3. How could the WTC towers have collapsed without a controlled demolition since no steel-frame, high-rise buildings have ever before or since been brought down due to fires? Temperatures due to fire don't get hot enough for buildings to collapse.

4. Weren't the puffs of smoke that were seen, as the collapse of each WTC tower starts, evidence of controlled demolition explosions?