We Are Change LA on Truth Revolution Radio

Randy, Zan and Stewart from We Are Change LA were the guests on the October 29 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We talked about the Bill Maher disruption, Charlie Sheen's questioning of 9/11 and confronting the Skeptic's Society with actual skepticism. Drew from 9/11 Truth Tucson co-hosts.

Truth Revolution Radio October 29 MP3

A Message from Zan

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

WeAreCHANGE Maryland visits the Baltimore Inner Harbor

(When action every eleventh is great but leaves you hungry for more...)

Earlier today, four members of WeAreCHANGE Maryland took 9/11 truth to Baltimore's main tourist attraction. Expecting rain but determined to take action nonetheless, we were pleased to be greeted by sunny blue skies.

Never have we received more supportive honks, waves, and pumped fists than we did today. We had a few middle fingers flipped at us -- tourists! -- but that's an acceptable consequence of taking a stand on this controversial issue.

We arrived with about 80 DVDs and 100 flyers and we left with approximately nothing.

Kevin McPadden on Truth Revolution Radio

9/11 first responder Kevin McPadden was the guest on the October 17 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. Kevin was a witness to the demolition of WTC 7 and on this show we discuss in depth his experiences on 9/11 and the days following. When I asked Kevin what we can do to help him and other first responders, he replied "First and foremost - just keep waking people up. The more that people are aware, the more security that this is not gonna happen again, or it will not happen to this degree again."

TRR October 17 MP3
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Kevin McPadden at Ground Zero on September 11 2007

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Janice Matthews and Laurie Manwell on Truth Revolution Radio

Laurie Manwell, author of Faulty Towers of Belief published in The Journal of 9/11 Studies, was the guest on the October 3 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We discussed ways of overcoming the psychological resistance to 9/11 truth, specifically in the context of activism and outreach. TRR October 3 2007 mp3

Faulty Towers of Belief Part I: Demolishing the Iconic Psychological Barriers to 9/11 Truth pdf
Faulty Towers of Belief Part II: Rebuilding the Road to Freedom of Reason pdf

Janice Matthews of was the guest on the October 1 edition of the show and we talked about the history of both that organization and of 9/11 truth activism in general, the situation with Google and the future of our pursuit of justice for 9/11. TRR October 1 2007 mp3

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

VIDEO -- WTC 7: The Smoking Gun of 9/11

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Explosive new video contains rare footage and a call to action.

Digg it here.

Robin Hordon on Truth Revolution Radio

Activist and former FAA Air Traffic Controller Robin Hordon was the guest on the September 26 edition of Truth Revolution Radio and we talked about 9/11 from his perspective as an ATC and his views on the truth and peace movements based on four decades of experience with activism. This was one of my favorite shows so far.

TRR September 26 2007 mp3

Robin Hordon on the streets of NYC

Actions of September 11

On September 11 2007, there was more action for 9/11 truth in more locations around the world than ever before.

We are creating an unstoppable momentum for justice.

Join us in action on October 11.

More photos, videos and action reports at

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Family member Manny Badillo on Truth Revolution Radio

Broadcasting live from NYC during the first hour of 9-11-07 - this is a very raw and real broadcast. Jeremy of LA Truth Action and Jay from UAlbany 9/11 Truth are the co-hosts. We talk to family member Manny Badillo who lost his uncle on September 11, 2001 and is now taking action for 9/11 justice. We also talk to Drew from Tucson Truth and Craig calls in to recount his confrontations with Larry Silverstein.

Truth Revolution Radio September 11 2007 MP3

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


I concentrated on taking footage that will show really how many people were on the streets with us...local media from independent sources were there to report on being Cal State University Northridge and the other an up and coming website ANCIENTUNIVERSITY.ORG...a reporter from KTLA or KCAL did come out and shoot video of Johnny Wave but of course it did not end up on the news last night

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Scenes from NYC

Take Action September 11

9/11 Truth Now on the News Corporation screen at Times Square

We Are Change live webcasting

Interviewed for Argentinian TV

Rally at Times Square

Dean and Jethro from London

Rudy from southern France

Outside CNN

Family member Manny Badillo outside the CFR

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Mr. Tarply-
How could you? After gaining so much respect for you I have absolutely lost all of it in the last week. First the whole fiasco with the Kenenbunkport Warning. At first I was not really sure what to think. Who is lying who is not lying (we are always trying to figure this out WHO IS LYING), but after listening to your little outburst the other night and your assault on the great people at TRUTHACTION.ORG, I know who is is you Mr. Tarply. Cosmos is the hardest working activist in this movement and how dare you call him cointelpro. That is bull shit Mr. Tarply you are lying.
You make me sick now, you got very personal with your attacks on Cosmos too. A scumbag move if I have ever seen one. If I may ask who do you really work for? What are your real intentions? Are you trying to divide the truth movement? What is all this talk I hear about LaRouche?

We Are Change - FL Visits Barack Obama in Miami!

We Are Change - FL Visits Barack Obama in Miami!

I've been wanting to see Obamas nervous reaction to important questions like ones about CFR involvement and ideaology. Thanks to WeAreChangeFL and truthers everywhere. Time to get hyper-active, especially running up to New Years Eve.

Here is a term we made up over here and kick around. It kinda caught so I will share it here:
RRR/EMA = realize, recognize, reconcile, educate, motivate, activate
Any suggestions? I share this acronym in dialogues with people that ask what I plan on doing about corruption; common question. My kid knows it and uses it...triple R EMA

food for thought
you are what you eat

9/11 Truth at Nancy Pelosi's front door

Code Pink and Veterans For Peace on Truth Revolution Radio

For the past week Truth Revolution Radio broadcast live from directly outside the San Francisco homes of Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein and conducted on-the-air 9/11 truth outreach to members of the anti-war groups Code Pink and Veterans For Peace who are currently staging a hunger strike outside Pelosi's mansion.

Truth Revolution Radio Monday August 13 mp3
Live from outside Feinstein's mansion - we talk to Toby from Code Pink, Luke from We Are Change with breaking news of the latest confrontation with Giuliani and August 11 action reports with Abel from Louisville Truth, Chris in NJ and CV in Maryland. Second half of the show powered by Veterans For Peace!

Truth Revolution Radio Wednesday August 15 mp3
Live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep - Mike Knarr from We Are Change calls in with a great idea and exciting news about NYC 9/11/2007, we hear from Crystal in Massachusetts, Jim in Washington, David in Chicago and interview Paul Kangas from Veterans For Peace.

Truth Revolution Radio Friday August 17 mp3
Once more broadcasting live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep, kdub co-hosts the final show of the week and we hear August 11 action reports from Art V and Jeremy who calls in from the William Rodriguez event in Los Angeles. By the end of the show there is a 9/11 Truth Now sign hanging on Nancy Pelosi's front door.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month