Actions of August 11

More action in more locations around the world than ever before...

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TRR broadcasting LIVE from Pelosi and Feinstein's all week

I'll be broadcasting Truth Revolution Radio live from the doorsteps of Nancy Pelosi's and Dianne Feinstein's mansions all week long. Tune in M-W-F 9 PM Pacific on Call in 1-888-202-1984

The Eleventh Day of Every Month 2.0 Goes Live

The new site goes live today.

If you're a truth activist and you would like to be a correspondent for, register an account on the site and send us an email letting us know. As a correspondent you will be able to post headlines to the site featuring your action reports as well as other news items, articles, graphics and videos that are highly relevant to truth activism. We are looking for at least one correspondent from each location where there is action on the Eleventh. We are also looking for state representatives. More on that soon.

I'll be on the Jack Blood show today to talk about the new site and encourage everyone to join us for the big weekend of action.


July 11 Truth Action in Murcia Spain

On July 11 2007 the Murzia Truth Squad in Murcia Spain joined the international campaign for Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. We encourage good people around the world to join us and we implore American citizens who have not yet gotten involved to TAKE ACTION ON AUGUST 11!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month Offers a 911blogger Message Board: "The Blogger Board" has stepped up to offer a dedicated section of their message board as our official message board. This means that instead of having to deal with the moderated queue here, you have the option of posting immediately at the forum. Truthaction has several members with moderation privileges, and unlike the comments section here, the message board is a real message board, and is easier to navigate. We encourage users to take advantage of this option.

The Blogger Board

Register a handle at, and when you see a News story or Blog entry at that you want to comment on, start a new thread with the same title in the 911blogger forum and post away.

We want to thank YT and everyone at for offering this service, and don't be surprised if YT has you out meeting up with other 9/11 activists after hanging out at for a while.

The team members at want to focus on 9/11 News, OpEds, and original content, and regret that we can't be all things to everyone in the 911blogger community. Hopefully, a moderated forum will be good for everyone.

Los Angeles Truth Action 7-11 Venice Beach

I know we have seen a lot of posts from Los Angeles but I have to add mine. Personally I thought this was a great action. 40 of us from all over southern California met at Venice Beach. We handed out thousands of fyers/dvds/truth cards and talked to so many people from every demographic. We talked to families, students, vacationers, Christians, Muslims, Jews, grandma's, teenagers, 10 year olds, war veterans, gangsters and everything in between. The only time we saw a cop was when a police suburban drove down the boardwalk and the female officer who was driving reached out for a handout from George V (although there was a lot of helicopters flying around which may be normal for that area). Highly effective activism, but only because the citizens here in southern California have realized the importance of exposing false flag terrorism.

The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio Tonight

Once again we will be reporting on the Actions of the Eleventh from around the world on Truth Revolution Radio. Call in and leave an action report on the hotline at 1-512-646-6455 anytime today or call in live to the show between 9 and 10 pm pacific at 1-888-202-19844.

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Ed Asner and Michelle Phillips Endorse Action on the Eleventh

At a recent David Ray Griffin speaking engagement in Los Angeles, Activist and Actor Ed Asner and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas both endorsed the campaign for Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. At the same event, Johnny Wave of Marines For 9/11 Truth called for the court martial of the Commander-in-Chief.

Take Action July 11

WTC Survivor Janette MacKinlay on Truth Revolution Radio

Janette MacKinlay is a WTC survivor, a truth activist and an artist. She provided the dust samples that Professor Steven Jones used to isolate the telltale signatures of thermate. On Truth Revolution Radio, Janette talks about surviving that day, the apparent foreknowledge of the second tower's demolition on the part of police officers in the area and how she slowly came to accept the truth about 9/11.

Truth Revolution Radio July 9 2007 mp3


Are you going to be taking action for 9/11 Truth and Justice this Wednesday July 11th, the 70th month since 9/11? Well I hope so and so does David Ray Griffen, Michelle Phillips, Ed Asner and Johnny Wave. There is nothing more important than exposing the lie that 9/11 is. So on Wednesday July 11th spread the truth, wear a shirt, freeway blog, pass out fliers, stand up with signs and take pictures of your action and share it at TRUTHACTION.ORG. Link up with truthers and bring the truth revolution to your community..

We Are Change on Truth Revolution Radio

Mike Knarr and Tom Foti from We Are Change are the guests and we are joined by John Bursill from Australia, Drew from Tucson Truth and Kevin Smith from We The People Radio Network. Mike and Tom announce plans for the 6th anniversary activities in New York City, John informs of his progress reaching out to professionals and everyone is encouraged to take action on July 4th.

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