Truth Revolution Radio starts Monday April 23

Truth Revolution Radio is the newest show on We The People radio network and the official broadcast of The show starts Monday April 23 and we will be focusing on truth activism, good music, getting people out in the streets and expanding the perspective of our oppurtunities for creating a better world.

Truth Revolution Radio will be broadcast live three nights a week at Midnight EST.

Archives will be available for listening at any time.

Our guest lineup for the first week:

Monday: Luke Rudkowski truth activist and organizer from NYC, founder of CHANGE
Wednesday: Carol Brouillet truth activist and organizer, publisher of Deception Dollars
Friday: dz founder and editor of

Call in: 888-202-1984

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

NYC 2/11 Report: Action Every 11th

This is from Luke:


2/11/07 Breakdown.

On the Eleventh Day of Every Month, we call on activists everywhere to take to the streets in the name of truth.

On February 11th 2007, 9/11 Truth organizations launched a national campaign of action on the 11th day of each month.

In New York City, 2 street actions took place - one at the crime scene itself Ground Zero:

Dylan Avery came to show support

Another street action took place in the center of Manhattan Union Square.

SF Truth Action February 11th

On February 11th 2007, we did our part to help initiate an ongoing national campaign of 9/11 truth action with a visibility and outreach event in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

It had been raining here for days and I was bracing myself to be all alone in the pouring rain with my sign - I was ready for it! But the fates would have none of that and a patchy half-blue sky gave way to a glorious summer-like day. About 20 of us gathered near the cable car turnaround at the intersection of Powell and Market - a hotbed of tourists from all around the world. We set up two bases of operations - a cluster of us at the base of Powell Street held signs, engaged passersby and distributed dvds (911 Mysteries and Terrorstorm) while 100 feet away on Market Street Carol Brouillet had set up her table of books, dvds, stickers and flyers. From these two bases, roving teams infiltrated the area at large - handing out flyers and dvds, working the crowds and making trips up to Union Square with the bullhorn.

We got a great reception - many people stopped to talk and get a dvd, take pictures, etc. One guy asked to pose with my 9/11 TRUTH NOW sign while his friend took a picture. No bad vibes. The most prominent response seemed to be along the lines of "Yeah, I've heard about that. What's going on? You have dvds?"

I encourage everyone reading this to mark your calender right now - it's the eleventh day of every month. Note that this campaign is not about taking action only on the 11th. It's about ALL OF US taking action TOGETHER at the same time once a month - in addition to our other actions. We intend to make history - please join us.