April 9,11- Anti War Rally & 9-11 Petition Drive (Canada)

"9-11 Is Key"
Quoted by Dr. Niels Harrit of Copenhagen University.
during the" Edmonton Questions 9-11" conference.

Open Letter with YouTube to: Edmonton/Old Strathcona MP. Linda Duncan, Edmonton Center MP. Laurie Hawn, The Mayor of Edmonton Stephen Mandel and Green Party Edmonton Center candidate David Parker- From Edmonton 911 Truth: Doug Brinkman, CC- Friends and Supporters of 9/11 Truth, National Post's Jonathan Kay, Canadian politicians, candidates and the media...

RE- Anti War-9-11 Petition Drive to Investigate 9-11 in Canada

Canadian government loses no-confidence vote - "9/11 is Key! " Election Campaign Begins

"9/11 is Key" - Canada Election Campaign began in Edmonton just hours before the Harper Government was defeated in a non confidence vote. Posters went up on city provided kiosks in Old Strathcona and the downtown core of Edmonton.