Try out this thought experiment!


Think if this country's media had done its job, both pre-9/11/01 and after. Just think of it.

How many people would have watched WTC 7 collapse on its footprint, devastatingly, as a classic controlled demolition? How often would TV analysts have pondered that?

Would reporters have taken the magic passports at face value? And consider the FBI, recently so hugely stupid, unable even to communicate at the time between disparate offices. Would media types have wondered how this same FBI could then name the culprits in one week's time?

And what would a real media sector have done when nearly half of those very names then turned up again, attached to people who are, even today, still living?

Would a real media have allowed Rudi Giuliani to orchestrate the single largest destruction of criminal evidence in world history? It went on for months, with no oversight of any kind.