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WTC Towers Destruction - Human Intelligence

Maybe I am repeating myself - But for possible newcomers to this website I feel this is one of the most obvious evidence that the official story of 9/11 is false - and I feel it is worth repeating.

The official account of what happened to the Twin Towers is that they "collapsed" because of weakened steel. But after watching these three videos available on YouTube and VideoGoogle it is absolutely clear to me that gravity alone not possibly could have pulverized these massive buildings!

Note the ENORMOUS mushroom-shaped-dust-cloud throwing hundreds of thousand tons of massive steel beams and concrete - several hundred meters outwards as it explodes from top to bottom with ENORMOUS force!

Cambridge University Twin Towers Theory Debunked: Dr Seffen Paper Proven Ludicrous

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008
Cambridge University Twin Towers Theory Debunked

Dr Seffen Paper Proven Ludicrous

By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

In late 2007 a British academic, Dr. Keith Seffen of the University of Cambridge, published a new mathematical analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Centre – however the paper contains several ridiculous claims. Now a formal request has been made by Mr J A Blacker MSc IMI, who recently debunked the paper, to Dr. Chris Burgoyne, the Head of the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University, highlighting these errors and appealing for the misleading paper to be corrected.

The request points out that Dr Seffen’s paper defies several key laws of physics, i.e. conservation of momentum and conservation of energy.

Mr Blacker’s request also states:

“All the floors offered the same flimsy resistance, when in fact each had different construction characteristics, is beyond any logic as the lower floor core columns were over double the thickness compared to the upper floors.”

9/11: Impossible Speed & Impact -- Busted!

From Anthony Lawson, of "This is an Orange" fame.

This video demonstrates that the speed of the aircraft which hit the South Tower of the World Trade Center, on 9/11, did not exceed the design limitations of its airframe or engines, and that the way in which the aircraft breached the wall of the building was feasible. For details on FAA permissible airspeeds:

Added: November 26, 2007

VIDEO -- Twin Towers: Demolished For Effect

Powerful new video features strong evidence for controlled demolition of the Twin Towers.

Please spread this video around. It can and should go viral.

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Cowed into 9/11 silence


Cowed into 9/11 silence
Letters to the editor
Article Launched: 07/02/2007 04:13:55 AM PDT

I wish to thank the people at public access channel 12 who were responsible for the airing of Alex Jones' important documentary “Terrorstorm” on Saturday evening. I'd thought the Internet was the only place where the endless flaws and inconsistencies of the official Sept. 11 report from the federal government were being discussed.

The footprint of the Twin Towers should have been treated like the biggest murder investigation this country has ever seen. Instead, every last scrap of debris was immediately removed from the site and dumped onto barges that hauled all that critical evidence to China for disappearance.

The 47-story building known as WTC7 was never hit by a plane and had only had a couple of relatively small fires burning in it. It should not have collapsed, never mind straight down at faster than the speed of gravity.

Purdue Simulation: Full of Hot Air

The newest volley in the disinformation campaign regarding 9/11 is a simulation of the Twin Towers created by Purdue University. As summarized by Raw Story:

The simulation found jet engine shafts from airlines flown into the World Trade Center "flew through the building like bullets," according to an Associated Press vide report.

Flaming jet fuel cascaded through the tower stripping away fireproofing material and causing the building to collapse, the AP video reports.

"The weight of the aircraft's fuel, when ignited, acted like a flash flood of flaming liquid," according to the video.

Simulation shows effect of insulation in collapse of buildings on 9/11

Looks like the Purdue University computer simulation story has made it to USA Today. Time to post in the comments section!


Simulation shows effect of insulation in collapse of buildings on 9/11

A new computer simulation supports the argument that the impact of the airplanes sheared off the insulation and weakened the structure of the World Trade Center before the Twin Towers collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001, according to the Associated Press.

"The report concludes that the weight of the aircraft's fuel, when ignited, produced 'a flash flood of flaming liquid' that knocked out a number of structural columns within the building and removed the fireproofing insulation from other support structures," Christoph Hoffmann tells the wire service.

Hoffman tells the AP that this was the first time 3-D animation was used to simulate the impact and the aftermath of the attacks. He says it shows insulation is a key part of fireproofing.

You can watch a simulation on YouTube.

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RINF News Reveals Hotel That Banned 9/11 Hero

William Rodriguez


RINF News Reveals Hotel That Banned 9/11 Hero

Press release from: RINF Alternative News

Published date: 06-18-2007 12:40 PM - CET

Five times honoured hero and last man out of the Twin Towers, William Rodriguez, was scheduled to speak in Peterborough, UK, until event organisers were forced to cancel.

William Rodriguez is currently embarking on a European tour, covering much of the UK.

The event venue in Peterborough, the Bull Hotel, has been inundated with telephone calls and emails requesting an explanation from annoyed members of the public, as it is completely unacceptable to ban a real hero who saved hundreds of lives during the horrific events of 9/11.

9/11 Truth Group Protest At Parliament

As part of the 11th of Every Month Action Campaign, a London 911 Truth group held a protest at Parliament Square, yesterday.


9/11 Truth Group Protest At Parliament

Mick Meaney | 13.06.2007 13:40 | Terror War | London

Among the protesters, last man out of the Twin Towers and five times honoured hero, William Rodriguez with ex MI5 officer and co-chair of the 911 Truth Campaign (Britain & Ireland), Annie Machon.

The protesters apparently received a good reception from the general public and the group hopes to double its numbers by next month, when another event will take place, again on the 11th.

High quality WTC collapse footage

Here's some of the collapse footage from the 9/11 archive. A zip file with all the original mpeg cuts (not re-encoded, original (interlaced) mpegs) is available for download here: . All footage can be verified in the 9/11 archive at

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Xenomorph, who originally posted the links to the mpegs on the conspiracy central forums.

ABC, 9/11, 22:40

NBC, 9/11, 14:40

CNN, 9/11, 11:33

FOX, 9/11, 21:28

Claims of 9/11 conspiracy has suspect running scared

Sonnenfeld Family Photo ©

Paula Sonnenfeld holds twin daughter Scarlett,
and Kurt Sonnenfeld holds Natasha in a photo
taken two weeks ago. The family lives in Buenos
Aires, Argentina.


Claims of 9/11 conspiracy has suspect running scared
Former Denverite says 9/11 work has made him a target

By Sue Lindsay, Rocky Mountain News

May 23, 2007

A former Federal Emergency Management Agency videographer accused of killing his wife in Denver is seeking political asylum in Argentina, claiming the U.S. government wants him silenced for what he saw in the smoldering ruins of the Twin Towers after 9/11.

Kurt Sonnenfeld's efforts to avoid extradition have gained interest from human rights organizations in South America and broad attention from conspiracy theorists on the Internet.

Sonnenfeld, 44, is charged with first-degree murder in the New Year's Day 2002 shooting death of his 36-year-old wife, Nancy, at the couple's home in Congress Park.

PROOF OF THERMATE QUESTIONED: Prof. Fetzer vs. Prof. Jones

PROOF OF THERMATE QUESTIONED: Prof. Fetzer vs. Prof. Jones

James H. Fetzer and Steven E. Jones

6 May 2007

NOTE: This exchange was initiated by a post from Nila Sagadevan endorsing “proof of thermate” in a post included at the end. Steve's replies to my original are identified, as are my new responses. I have edited asides in order to focus on the important issues, where anyone who has received the originals can verify the difference for themselves. I have had the great benefit of expert advice from Judy Wood, Ph.D., in preparing this reply. In my opinion, the most serious question facing the 9/11 truth movement is the adequacy of this line of research.

ORIGINAL (3 May 2007):


I am fascinated with your seemingly unqualified endorsement of Steve Jones' thermite/thermate hypothesis. I hope that some of the members of this list can help me figure this out, because I must be missing something not to recognize that his approach holds the key to understanding what happened at the World Trade Center. Please ask your list if someone could help me figure out what I have wrong. Thanks!

JONES (4 May 2007):

9/11 Truth Lecture - Peoria, IL - Sunday, April 22

William Rodriguez will be speaking at the Lakeview Museum in the basement auditorium at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 22, in Peoria, Illinois.

Mr. Rodriguez worked in the WTC buildings as a janitor, and he is a credible witness to the secondary and underground explosions reported in the Twin Towers before their collapses.

I will be filming this lecture.

Today, a William Rodriguez-related news story was released - New Victim's Family Supports Search For 9/11 Truth - which I hope will convince you that this movement does not disrespect the families of the victims, and that in many instances, it is the Families Groups that have been the strongest advocates for a full investigation on the issues.

The 9/11 Commission report is full of contradictions, omissions, and distortions of the reality of the events surrounding 9/11.

I hope to see many of you in this area attend this lecture, even if you are pessimistic of the premise - come with questions.