The Tyee Interview

Response required: Author William Gibson knocks 9-11 Truth activists

Some very absurd thoughts on 9/11 coming from science fiction author William Gibson. See the interview in "The Tyee":

I have never read any of William Gibson's science fiction. After this, I have even less interest in it.

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Comments on the site would be more useful than comments here. For talking points, see the excellent material on the Gatecreepers site on debunking conspiracy debunking:

The Tyee is a popular Canadian on-line magazine. I have not paid it too much attention, but I believe it to be mainstream progressive. I would probably also call it a left-gatekeeper site, if I were to include a link to it on my blog.

From the interview:

On whether he enjoys conspiracy theories

"Conspiracy theories are popular because no matter what they posit, they are all actually comforting, because they all are models of radical simplicity. I think they appeal to the infantile part of us that likes to know what's going on."