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Loose Change Brothers on KBPI with Uncle Nasty (music edited out)

Monday February 25, 2008
KBPI's Uncle Nasty chats with the Loose Change Brothers (sans music - 10 Meg - 36 Minutes )

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Loose Change Final Cut on KBPI FM with Uncle Nasty

MP3 ( 44MB )

This show was a blast. Uncle Nasty was a great guy, real balanced, and made for a great moderator. He's a big Ron Paul fan.

Virtually every caller agreed with us, and the one that didn't, "Chris", was adamant that the WTC was constructed with a "vertical concrete core." Naturally, we challenged him on this, the conversation gets somewhat heated, and Chris is dropped when he calls me a "fucking parrot" because I was not a structural engineer, even though I never claimed to be.

Frank Caliendo even did an introduction for our segment.

Check it out.