Faux Scientific Investigation of Lebanese President's Assassination


1 decide what the experiment is going to prove

2 try to arrange that the experiment proves just that

3 if it doesnt prove what you want it to prove then dont tell anyone!!



"The buildings surrounding the crime scene were reconstructed and earth was brought in from Beirut. The convoy was reconstituted, including the armoured vehicle. The aim was to demonstrate that the height of the concrete buildings had confined the explosion, making it possible for the blast to produce the crater. The results of this costly experiment have never been divulged."

from: http://www.voltairenet.org/spip.php?page=liste-article&id_article=167553&id_mot=〈=en&date=&date_debut=&date_fin=&var_mod...

I thought this would ring a bell - its reminiscent to me of underwriters labs trying to prop up the official story of 9/11.