Here's an Idea

To all of us here at 911 Blogger. To Reprehensor, Jon Gold, and many other dedicated people that want the truth.
Charlie Sheen has the attention in our controlled media now. Can we hook him up with the most prominent people in our movement? The Jersey girls, Griffin,Gage,Jones,Sibel and as many of the victims family members etc to make a short to the point video demanding a new independent investigation?
A video to be sent to Hannity, O'Rilley, and all msn with the challenge to air it in it's entirety?
Then spread it all over the internet to show how the truth is being covered up.
I would think this would have to be done as fast as possible. Charlie is taking a stand.
Now is the time to unite. Opportunity is knocking. Can we do this? Can we afford not to?
What do all of you think about this? Jon Gold. You have done a great deal in trying to get the truth out. You have met a lot of these people. Can we make this happen?