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big "UNITED FOR TRUTH" action day in Brussels Belgium next Friday the 11th of September 2009

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there is going to be a big "UNITED FOR TRUTH" action day in Brussels Belgium next Friday the 11th of September 2009 see annex °1 or follow the link below



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Bruxelles UNITED FOR TRUTH sur le 11/9

"UNITED FOR TRUTH" le vendredi 11 septembre 2009 à Bruxelles

UFT’09 est la troisième édition annuelle et consécutive des manifestations demandant l’ouverture d’une enquête internationale sur les attaques du 11 septembre 2001 aux USA ainsi que la fin des politiques guerrières et sécuritaires en recrudescence alarmante depuis cette fameuse date.

Fondée en 2007, la plate-forme UFT rassemblait plus de deux cents personnes à Bruxelles. En 2008 nous étions près de 500 à rallier (sous la pluie !) l’ambassade des USA depuis le conseil de l’Europe. Diverses organisations (CADTM, ATTAC,etc.) et personnalités (G.Chiesa, P.Galand, D.R.Griffin, etc.) apportèrent leur soutien.
Cette année, nous organisons deux rassemblements :
le vendredi 11 septembre à midi, avenue des arts, face à l’ambassade des USA.

Letter of encouragement from Dr David Ray Griffin for United for Truth March Brussels

(received by Mark Dermul of www.911belgium.be from Dr Griffin via e-mail in response to his invitation to Dr Griffin to attend the Truth March. Dr Griffin has given persmisson for distribution, translation and publication. For more details, contact Mark)

Dear Fellow 9/11 Truth Seekers,

Congratulations on your efforts! It was only last year that you held your first Truth March in Brussels. Since then, a lot has changed. We’ve seen numerous outcries for 9/11 Truth across the globe – in the United States, in Canada, in Japan, and in Europe, even inside the European Parliament building, to which I was invited several months ago to help promote the cause of 9/11 Truth.

Letter: David Ray Griffin to 9/9 Brussels Truth March

Dear 9/11 Truth Seekers,

I regret that, due to the fact that I'm addressing an audience in
Oslo, I am unable to attend your United for Truth March here
in Brussels. Nevertheless, I wish, by means of this written
statement, to say a few words of encouragement and appreciation for
your efforts.

The attacks in New York and Washington six years ago left the
American people stunned and ready to agree to almost anything the
Bush-Cheney administration proposed. At home, this has meant severe
restrictions on civil liberties in the name of the so-called PATRIOT

Abroad, we have had a so-called war on terror, which has really been
a war of aggression against Muslims and a war for oil and domination
in Muslim nations. This has meant six years of torture, humiliation,
and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan and
Iraq, people who were either innocent civilians or soldiers fighting
against an immoral and even illegal occupation.

During this period, we have also seen an unprecedented media cover-up
in the United States and allied countries. Such cover-ups have
happened before. But in this case, the crime was more enormous, the
consequences were more catastrophic, and the evidence was more
obvious. (For example, just by looking at the collapse of Building 7
of the World Trade Center, anyone who knows anything about these
matters can see that it was brought down by explosives, as Danny
Jowenko of Holland has illustrated.) The failure of the media to
expose the lies of the official story threatens the continued
existence of democracy, which simply cannot function without an
independent media, dedicated to revealing crimes of state.

The truth is, of course, that the War on Terror is bogus. The 9/11
Truth Movement is driven by a desire to find out the truth about what
really happened on 9/11 and who is really behind these attacks. In 6
years, the movement has made a lot of headway. More and more people
are starting to realise that the attacks of 9/11 were an inside job,
orchestrated by the United States government as a pretext to carry
out its pre-established policies.