University of Lethbridge

The Responsibility of the Academy to Illuminate the Truths and Lies of 9/11

A University class taught by Prof. Anthony J. Hall from McMaster University to Lethbridge University on March 2, 2011 using skype. The participants are listed in order of appearance:

Anthony J. Hall is a Professor at the University of Lethbridge (Alberta) where he is the Coordinator/Instructor of the interdisciplinary program of Globalization Studies. He received an Alberta Book Award in 2004 for "The American Empire and the Fourth World."

Joshua Blakeney is Dr. Hall's graduate student (MSc) and Media Coordinator of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge. He is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship to study the origins of the Global War on Terror.

Neocon hack Jonathan Kay attacks University of Lethbridge for funding 9/11 research

Neocon propagandist hack and editor of the National Post, Canada's answer to the Washington Times, has once again attacked the 9/11 Truth Movement by issuing a series of ad hominem attacks against the University of Lethbridge and Professor Anthony Hall, who are supporting the graduate work of Josh Blakeney. Here is Blakeney's research proposal, work that will be funded to the tune of $7,714 by the university: