unter falscher flagge

German "Unter Falscher Flagge" online with English subtitles


The German documentary, "Unter Falscher Flagge" has now been subtitled in English, and is streaming at the film-maker's website. It's a high-quality stream, but is cumbersome to load. I recommend hitting the pause button, and let the film pre-load to avoid annoying stop and starts. (I've just been advised that it will soon be uploaded to video.google)

Despite the punchy stream, I recommend watching the film. It is filled with new interviews with German 9/11 skeptics Andreas von Bülow, Mathias Bröckers, Manfred Petrisch, Andreas Hauss, and Jochen Scholz. The film also briefly examines London's 7/7 and several possible False Flag incidents in post-9/11 Germany, (look around the 55:00 minute mark), some interesting new information to consider.

Slick, with interesting animated graphics and high production value, this is a good documentary. I noticed two things that weren't 100% accurate, the documentary claims that Stratasec (Securacom) "belonged" to Marvin Bush. Technically, he was only one of the Directors. Also, the film mistakenly attributes ABC to General Electric ownership, but GE owns NBC. Disney owns ABC. The point is still valid however, the same people making millions from war profiteering are selling you war propaganda.

The DVD for sale at the NuoViso website has the English subtitles.