US Consulate in Jeddah

J. Michael Springmann on Whistleblowing and Whistleblower Protection

J. Michael Springmann
State Department whistleblower J. Michael Springmann joins The Corbett Report to discuss his time as head of the visa section at the US consulate in Jeddah.

We talk about the repercussions he faced after blowing the whistle on the visas-for-terrorists program being run by intelligence agencies in the Jeddah consulate, as well as the act of whistleblowing in general and the need for greater legal protections for those who come forward with information on abuse and corruption.

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9/11 Hijackers’ Visas, 7/7 London Bombings, Pakistan – 9/11 Timeline Additions as of July 13, 2008

There are numerous new entries about the 9/11 hijackers this week, in particular about their US visas, eleven of which were issued by the same consular official in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ahmed Alghamdi was issued a visa in Jeddah, but not interviewed, despite general terrorism concerns at the consulate. Wail and Waleed Alshehri got new passports from a family member in the Saudi passport office in October 2000 and used them to get US visas despite errors on their applications.