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Two more military units assigned domestic duty by 2010, says Northcom commander; total now 4,700 troops

Elite combat brigade for Homeland Security missions raises ire of ACLU

By Erin Rosa 11/2/08 1:45 PM

In the next three years the military plans to activate and train an estimated 4,700 service members for specialized domestic operations, according to Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of U.S. Northern Command, which was created in 2002 for homeland defense missions.

The comments, made at the annual National Homeland Defense and Security Symposium in Colorado Springs last week, reveal more details about the recent stationing of active military personnel inside United States borders for what officials say is a mission centering around responding to catastrophic emergencies.

In September the Army Times reported that the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team — a unit based in Fort Stewart, Ga., that most recently spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq patrolling in full battle gear — would be put under the control of Northern Command, located on Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

NORTHCOM launches CBRNE response team

Middle East Times | October 02, 2008 2008

NORTHCOM announced the activation of a new initial response force that would be deployed in case of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear high-yield explosive incident. The CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force, the first of its kind, is capable of deploying in 48 hours, the Air Force reported.

"We are now building the first of three CBRNE Consequence Management Response Forces," NORTHCOM Commander Gen. Gene Renuart said in a statement.

"We have an organized force, a trained force, an equipped force, a force that has adequate command and control and is on quick response to head off to a large-scale nuclear, chemical, biological event that might require Department of Defense support."

Officials say the CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force is composed of about 4,700 personnel with specialties in rescue, decontamination and medical support, among others.

Did the Air Force scramble jets to shoot down flight 93? Two views

9-11 Commission staffers John Farmer, John Azzarello and Miles Kara, in a September 13, 2008 article for the New York Times ("Real Heroes, Fake Stories", state:

"Contrary to the testimony of retired Gen. Larry Arnold, who on 9/11 was the commander of continental defense for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, fighters were not scrambled that morning to meet the threat posed by United 93. In fact, the fighters were sent up in response to an unrelated and mistaken report that General Arnold and others had not disclosed to the commission. Flight 93 hadn’t even been hijacked when the planes were ordered scrambled, and General Arnold’s command found out the plane was hijacked only after it had crashed. The authorization to shoot it down came after it had crashed, and was never passed on to the pilots."

But C-Span aired a recent speech by General Victor Renuart, USNORTHCOM chief, who said the following:

Jets were scrambled to shoot down Flight 93: USNORTHCOM chief

C-Span aired a speech Wednesday by General Victor Renuart, USNORTHCOM chief. He said the following:

"Today we have created the apparatus that could allow us to engage one of those targets and, similar to, on 9-11, if we identify them soon enough and we know that they are a threat or we can determine they are a threat we have the aparatus that allows us to potentially shoot those aircraft down before they would have the effect of creating mass casualties as we saw in some other locations. In fact on 9-11 we were attempting to do that when flight 93 hit the ground in Pennsylvania as the result of some heroic efforts by the individuals on board, but we had launched airplanes, and we were chasing that aircraft down."

This quote indicates that the intent was to shoot the plane down, not just intercept it.

Renuart says the abiilty to intercept aircraft has been improved since 9-11.

Search "victor" or other key word on the C-SPAN site to pull up the video.

NORAD Releases Mother Lode of 9/11 Tapes - Available now at

As reported on, linked to on a page with a story about Proximity Fuses on insurgent artillery in Iraq, which I originally discovered through

which links to:

The master PDF contains the following header:

Twenty-one 9-11 recordings from North American
Aerospace Defense Command and United States
Northern Command (NORAD-USNORTHCOM)

This material totals over 100 hours of audio recordings of
various NORAD/NORTHCOM communications channels
on September 11, 2001 in 21 separate mp3 audio files.

I don't have much experience with "", but their site has the following statement:

Stand Down 9/14 and NORTHCOM Prep for Martial Law

An Air Force stand DOWN is scheduled for 9/14 in response to nuclear warheads "mistakenly" flown over US airspace.

Langley planes to be grounded
The Air Force has ordered a stand-down for all jet fighters and bombers for Sept. 14.
September 7, 2007
LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE - Planes at Langley Air Force Base will be grounded Sept. 14 in response to an incident last week when a B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear warheads and flown for three hours across several states.

The stand-down was ordered by Air Combat Command and includes all jet fighters and bombers in the Air Force. The command, headquartered at Langley, oversees all of the service's fighters and bombers.

Planes in Iraq and Afghanistan and planes participating in air shows this weekend are not affected by the stand-down.
While airmen haven't been given specific instructions for the stand-down, they've been ordered to take the non-flying time to review safety procedures and protocol, an Air Combat Command spokesman said.

An Updated Rewrite of: Noble Resolve 07: Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe

Original by DL Abrahamson
Original published at, now a defunct website. We hope Mr Abrahamson is well.

Rewrite by Amy Ayers
From August 20 to August 24, the elite echelon of the military are running Noble Resolve 07-2, a four-day marathon of “simulated” terror attacks across the US and Europe. This includes a simulated detonation of a “loose” ten-kiloton nuclear weapon Virginia harbor, smuggled in by a “foreign nation.” [Noble Resolve 7-2 is based at the port of Portland, Oregon].

Dick Cheney has also been warning of the “very real” threat of a nuclear attack on an American city. Could the Nobel Resolve drills be used as a screen for a false-flag attack to be blamed on Iran, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, or sheep-dipped Americans like Adam Gadahn?

The drills are being run by Joint Task Force Command (JTFCOM), Northern Command (NORTHCOM), J9 Joint Innovation and Experimentation Directorate, FEMA’s command bunker, the Department of Homeland Security, and Virginia police. [NR 7-2 includes the Oregon National Guard]

Debunking Popular Mechanics series: The "Real NORAD" tapes

" This is a rough cut of an up comming series on "Debunking Popular Mechanics". The 911 book they released was researched by "suspicious chatacters" and just added to the controversy and questions that already sourround 911. This is an attemp to try and set the record straight with facts. It will prove that NORAD was not the "bubbling idiots" that Popular Mechanics would like to portray them as........ -- recorded for historical accuracy 013007 - 013107"