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Utne Reader HitPiece On Russia Today And 9/11 Truth


The Conspiracy Channel
With a larger staff than Fox News, a worldwide Russian TV network spreads a unique brand of anti-American propaganda
by Sonia Scherr, from Intelligence Report - January-February 2011

Utne Reader Covers 9/11 Truth in January-February 2008 Issue

Paul Constant's article on the 9/11 truth movement in Seattle has been reprinted in the new Utne Reader. It isn't up at the Utne site yet, but you can read the article at:

The good news is that the Utne Reader has a wide circulation, and Constant's article will awaken the curiosity of some of the 9/11 laggards among its readership...in part because his assessment of the movement is not the usual hit piece: "I was surprised when I met some of Seattle's Truth groups because I was confronted by smart, sincere people with lots of information about the sad state of civil liberties and corporate control in the United States, people eager to inform other people about what's happening to our rights and using money out of their own pockets to do it. People fighting, in other words, the single biggest sin in America: laziness."