V for Vendetta

9/11 Truthers Bring Guy Fawkes Day to America

Does America really need another holiday? YES - if it's a holiday devoted to exposing state-sponsored false-flag terror!

Guy Fawkes Day is a perfect occasion for bonfires, barbecues, fireworks, masquerades, and, last but not least, V for Vendetta viewing parties. Public screenings of V for Vendetta will be held in Columbus, Ohio and Madison, Wisconsin, with private house party screenings in other locations around the country. Since V masks are so easy to find in Halloween season--they cost six bucks in the local Halloween store--why not use this amazing movie to help promote our cause?

Below is my press release for the Madison V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes Day party. I'll be discussing it on Madison's Air America affiliate the Mic 92.1 Monday morning.

* * *

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 29th, 2007
Contact: Dr. Kevin J. Barrett, MUJCA-NET: kevin@mujca.com
Barbara Wright, owner, Dardenelles restaurant: dardenelles@earthlink.net

Guy Fawkes Day Comes to Madison!
V for Vendetta Viewing & Discussion 11/5/07, 7 pm, Dardenelles -- Masks and Costumes Optional

Trick or Truth: World Peace Week, War on War Week seek to link False Flag Awareness to Guy Fawkes, Veterans, Halloween holidays.

Nov. 5th through 11th has been declared World Peace Week (peaceweek.net) and War on War Week (http://www.waronwar.us) by Progressive Press in California (me) and Columbus911truth.org in Ohio (Sherry Clark).

The Nov. 5-11 initiative has especially enjoyed the moral support of No. California 911 Truth activist Carol Brouillet. This year the publicity vehicle chosen was a postcard for Halloween and anti-war events. For the design, Kevin Barrett suggested a motif using a smiling and a frowning “V” mask, representing the two websites. A design and text were prepared by Camille, winner of the No. Calif. 911 Truth art contest.

You can order the War on War postcards now at Kevin Barrett’s website, http://mujca.com/trickortruthcards.htm . For Peace Week, I decided to expand the design with a more explicit truth message on a half-page flyer, which will be ready to ship by Nov. 2.

Transformation in Popular Media: Blueprints For Change?

Transformation in Modern Myth & Media

A few films have placed the notion of personal transformation into the public mind and thereby given the idea possibility and credibility. Perhaps the most famous of these is Dickens' "Scrooge". Shakespeare showed us painful transformation in the form of King Lear. It is interesting that in "King Lear", The Fool carries the higher awareness of self for the king.This is much like today's comedians who often carry the unrealized truths for those in power.

Video: Ms V for Vendetta

I think this is a bit goofy, but it's quite good as well. Great effort by the lady who did it, check it out;

V for Vendetta & 9/11 Truth demonstration on the 5th of November

Members of the NC 9/11 Truth group (http://nc911truth.blogspot.com) met yesterday and we were throwing around ideas, and thought a good campaign would be to promote people doing youtube videos of 9/11 truth activism related to V for Vendetta, and possibly doing something on the mall on 11/5 with 9/11 truth activists dressed up as V.

The 5th of november is 2 days before election, and right after halloween, so people could get the masks/costumes for Halloween anyway.

The V for Vendetta 9/11 video clip is very popular and widespread throughout the 'net.

We have talked to the DC 9/11 Truth group and they are very interested.