Lauro Chavez Clarifies Points For His Critics

Lauro Chavez Clarifies Points For His Critics - prisonplanet.com

S spoke to me early today and asked if I could lay to rest some false claims being made against me. He asked if I bullet-ize them, if you’d post them on your site – under my article I presume. I’m not sure, but just contact him if you have any questions. Thanks a lot Kevin, and tell Alex that it was a pleasure to be on his show again. Let me know if I can be of any further help.
My letter was in no way intended to be my “Whistle blowing” statement.
- First let me start with telling everyone, that this letter, was a rant to the chief editor of the Cincinnati Post, Mr. Robert White. I sent it to him, after reading an article posted there called “1 in 3 believes in 911 conspiracy”. To which they proceed to debunk us good American people who know for a fact something about 911 does not add up. Mr. White never responded to my email. Again, it was a rant that included both fact from my time in the Army, facts I have learned from my extensive research on this topic, and my opinions. I’ve been asked to sign an affidavit, and I will, once I review it with my attorney.
How did I know Cheney was in charge of NORAD, prior to it becoming public?
- Easy, in the Army and whole of the DoD there is a thing called chain of command. Every solider is supposed to be aware of who his superiors are. When Cheney was announced to be taking over NORAD, the CoC was updated and passed out to all of us. This, I’m sure, was prior to the public release of this information. There were many military friends of mine, at the time, that questioned this action.

Please take the time to review this latest article regarding Lauro "LJ" Chavez and his statements on his experiences surrounding 9/11. Check out the link above for the full article. There will definitely be more on this subject in the coming days, including a sworn statement on his first hand experiences.

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Interview With Lauro Chavez

Veteran in Central Command Bunker on 9/11 Speaks Out

Interview with former Sgt. Lauro Chavez

Cathy Garger

As an Auxiliary Member of Veterans for 9/11 Truth www.V911T.org I came upon a post on the V911T Yahoo group with regard to veteran Sgt Lauro Chavez. Soon after, a copy of a letter reportedly written by Lauro Chavez was posted on the group’s website: http://www.v911t.org/SergeantLauroChavez.php .

Before continuing, it might be helpful to read the details contained in that letter (link above). Below is the transcript of an interview with a man who identified himself as Lauro Chavez. Chavez claims he was in the bunker of the US Air Force Central Command, Mac Dill AFB, Florida, on the morning of September 11, 2001. Lauro Chavez also claims to have served personally under General Tommy Franks.

Intrigued by this veteran’s remarks regarding 9/11, I interviewed Lauro Chavez by phone on September 24. After the interview I attempted to confirm his identity by calling the Public Affairs office of Mac Dill AFB. I was told that although I had the right to know whether or not a certain employee had worked at that base, the computer was unable to bring up former employees’ information. The Mac Dill Public Affairs representative conveyed that although she had worked there during September, 2001, she could not recall hearing of anyone by the name of Lauro Chavez. I asked if this was possible given the number of individuals who serve at the base and she agreed.

On the Info Wars website, however, confirmation of Sgt. Chavez’s military record is posted. With thanks to Alex Jones, this alleged verification of Sgt. Chavez’s military record document appears on the Info Wars website: http://www.infowars.com/articles/sept11/LChavez_214.pdf

I use the words “reported” and “alleged” as I have no way of knowing if the following information is true. I can state only that the following is a telephone conversation that took place between myself and a gentleman claiming to be Lauro Chavez. While I did my best to write down every word exactly as heard, please know that some repetitive words ( “like” and “ya know”) have been removed.

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