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Vancouver attendance

I enjoyed myself immensely at the 9-11 Truth Conference in Vancouver B.C. in June. I don't believe, I would ever have met anyone by the name of Sahara Exodus if I hadn't taken in the event? She is a member of the Free Thinkers Society of Vancouver. It seems almost alien to someone from Nebraska. At least, I'm unaware of anything approaching that kind of freedom in the midwestern city of Omaha?

I had read much of the 9-11 story but still was exposed for the first time to new authorities such as Will Thomas, Peter Dale Scott and Alfred Webre. I learned a lot!

I had previously been impressed by Barbara Honegger's Pentagon Attack Papers and had the pleasure of meeting her. I snapped this pix below.

Vancouver Courier: Vancouver 911 Truth Conference gets Front Page Coverage

Vancouver 911 Truth Conference gets front page treatment in the Vancouver Courier

Mark Hasiuk
Vancouver Courier (
Wed, 27 Jun 2007 14:41 EDT

It's six-o'clock on Friday evening and a slow-moving wave of mostly white men and women aged 18 to 80 flows into the Maritime Labour Centre on Triumph Street for the three-day international 9/11 Truth Conference.

A sense of fellowship permeates the spacious auditorium, approximately the size of two basketball courts. People talk excitedly and settle into rows of temporary seating that surround a lectern next to a large white projection screen, which every speaker will use for slide shows and PowerPoint presentations. Veteran "Truthers" know one another from other Truth conferences or from online chat rooms where the movement thrives.

A-B-Cs of spreading the 'truth' about 9-11


June 25, 2007

A-B-Cs of spreading the 'truth' about 9-11


The 9-11 truth movement works overtime to prove the obvious, according to Dr. Joe Hawkins.

The Winnipeg chiropractor offered that kernel of insight yesterday during his seminar on Canadian activism as part of the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Conference.

Hawkins said appealing to someone's logic through concrete evidence is an established way to sway people to an alternate 9-11 theory.

This avoids "endless politics" in deciphering images or recordings that are open to interpretation.

"You don't need to have a PhD in pathology to prove a bullet wound is the cause of death," he said.

At home, Hawkins puts a little twist on keeping things simple by handing out DVDs of 9-11 documentaries. He advised his audience to do the same, saying the strategy avoids information overload for someone beginning to explore alternate theories.

He added screening a documentary for a community group is more effective because the act is a confidence-building experience.

Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference kicks off in high gear

Sat. a.m. 6/23/2007

Thanks to a last-minute flurry of local media publicity, the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference opened its doors to a full house yesterday. Kevin Barrett, Ian Woods, and Dr. Joe Hawkins warmed up the crowd for Webster Tarpley's 2 1/2 hour marathon keynote speech, "False Falg Terrorism and the Role of Military Drills in Understanding the Sinister Dynamics of 9/11."

Two more full days of events remain: I'll be reporting on them at, and on my radio shows Dynamic Duo (Tues. 3-5 pm CT, and 9/11 and Empire (Tues. 9-11 pm CT,

Vancouver Conference Day One

Around 350 people filled the floor of the Maritime Labour Centre in Vancouver BC last night for the opening night of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference. MC'd by Kevin Barrett, the first night's speakers were Ian Woods, Dr. Joe Hawkins, with the Keynote delivered by Webster Griffin Tarpley.

9/11 Truth Conference coming to Vancouver: Get your questions ready, all the experts are coming


9/11 Truth Conference coming to Vancouver
Get your questions ready, all the experts are coming

By Michael Hey

Vancouver is this weekend hosting an international 9/11 Truth Conference. If this is news to you, it may be a sign that the mainstream media is still treading very carefully around the issue of 9/11. For organizers such as Wayne Prante and Drew Noftle, getting the word out has very much been an eighteen-hour-a-day grassroots effort, putting up posters, and firing off late-night email blitzes.

If, like many people, you have uneasy feelings about 9/11, then the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference is presenting you with an unprecedented opportunity to confront the experts with your most urgent questions.

For many, nagging doubts surround the mysterious disintegration of World Trade Center 7. Scholars, architects, and engineers have come forward with the shocking assertion that the official explanation violates the laws of physics. Foremost among them is physicist Dr Steven Jones, author of an academic, peer-reviewed study titled Why indeed did the WTC buildings completely collapse?

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Wayne Prante, Vancouver 9-11 Truth

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes Wayne Prante, member of the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Society and organizer of the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Conference to be held Jun 22-24, 2007 in Vancouver British Columbia.

The theme of the conference is "9-11, Canada, and the New World Order - Reclaiming Our Destiny" and will therefore focus not only on what did or did not occur on that day, but will also look critically at what has been done, and is being done today by our own government(s) with 9-11 as the justification, and why Canadians and people around the world must demand a new, full, fair and impartial investigation into 9-11. Featured speakers at this conference include Dr. Steven E. Jones, Webster Tarpley, Peter Dale Scott, Barrie Zwicker, and many others.

Listen here.

Intermission music by Sunhouse.