Vancouver 911 Truth Conference

Congratulations, Vancouver 9/11 Truth

The most ambitious 9/11 conference on Canadian soil since the International Inquiry of 2004 was a great success. Several hundred people looking for answers came together in Vancouver, BC and talked it over for two full days and one night. Presentation after presentation dismantled a myth, explored political strategy, examined evidence in support of specific hypotheses and most importantly, allowed a few hundred people from Canada, the U.S. and even Australia to meet in the flesh, network, and examine the road ahead.

For Canadians looking for an immediate political engagement that grapples with the reality of False Flag terrorism, the Canadian Action Party has the infrastructure in place, and now needs people to flesh out this fledgling political party. With its present leader, Connie Fogal, CAP has a mind that has surveyed the Canadian political landscape for a lifetime, perceives the cynical "War on Terror" as it is, a fraud, and has the courage to expose the NAU as a political reality, not a fantasy. The U.S. has no similar political party alternative at this time.

Vancouver Conference Day Two

Day Two of the Vancouver conference saw an approximate repeat of the attendance numbers of Friday, but along with speakers on the main stage, there were several presentations in a breakout room and a Q&A by Webster Tarpley in another auxiliary room. The quantity and quality of information coming from the presentations that I was able to check out was excellent.

The day started out with presentations by Barrie Zwicker on the main stage and Peter Dale Scott in the breakout room. Zwicker addressed the mainstream media's lopsided approach to presenting 9/11 skepticism, and offered some critiques that mirror what you will find in the new issue of Global Outlook. Scott refreshed his talk about JFK & 9/11, with additional deep political analysis about the Watergate break-in, and similarities between these three, (on the surface), very different events. Peter Dale Scott was preceded by a new researcher, Andrew Marshal, who gave a very astute analysis of the current Canadian political situation in regard to elite players forging the North American Union.