Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society

National Post - Founder of the Vancouver 9/11Truth Society Arrested

Excerpt: Monday’s arrest was not the first for Mr. Pearson, a conspiracy nut and founder of the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society."It’s a regular occurrence for me," says Mr. Pearson. "It’s been, oh, two weeks since my last arrest. I don’t have a lot of tolerance for the pigs in this city." Full Story

Calling all Artists - 9/11 Truth Bus Design Contest

The Vancouver 911 Truth Society has recently purchased a bus and we want you to help us design it. Our bus will be travelling across Canada - from Vancouver to Montreal - for the March on Ottawa and stopping in several cities all along the way for 911 Truth rallies. We are open to all styles of art, and the concept should focus on 911 Truth in general. (we don't want it to be March on Ottawa specific because we will keep using the bus long after the March is over.)

Whats in it for us...

An eyecatching design, that will get people's attention, and intrigue them to come learn what we are all about.

Whats in it for you....

Nationwide publicity for your artwork, credits and website on the side of the bus, and opportunity for your artwork to appear in the documentary we will be filming of the March on Ottawa.

To submit a draft simply download line drawings of the bus here..

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Wayne Prante, Vancouver 9-11 Truth

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes Wayne Prante, member of the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Society and organizer of the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Conference to be held Jun 22-24, 2007 in Vancouver British Columbia.

The theme of the conference is "9-11, Canada, and the New World Order - Reclaiming Our Destiny" and will therefore focus not only on what did or did not occur on that day, but will also look critically at what has been done, and is being done today by our own government(s) with 9-11 as the justification, and why Canadians and people around the world must demand a new, full, fair and impartial investigation into 9-11. Featured speakers at this conference include Dr. Steven E. Jones, Webster Tarpley, Peter Dale Scott, Barrie Zwicker, and many others.

Listen here.

Intermission music by Sunhouse.