Iraq War Veteran Calls for Suspending the Pledge of Allegiance!

Just last week I read the following article on which told of NATO’s latest deadly mistake. We all know that NATO is a nice way of saying the “International” arm of the U.S. Military. As I read this article, I couldn’t help but wonder how long my fellow Americans would continue to ignore these ongoing crimes against humanity.,2933,587097,00.html

Mike Prysner Iraq Veteran gives us the reason ( video 4 mins) why we need 9/11 truth now : To bring PEACE !

Herblay FRANCE
Bonjour , in Mike Prysner's video we can see how it is so necessary to have the truth on 9/11 : To bring PEACE !
When our citizens learn the 911 truth they will demand the immediate stopping of the massacre and take the measures that such crimes can never happen again.
Thank you Mike, it is so well said and imaged
Yours John