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9/11 Free Fall 8/29/13: Remembering Dr. Robert Bowman

On August 22nd of this year, 9/11 Truth and antiwar activist Dr. Robert Bowman passed away after a long battle with cancer.

As a former Pentagon insider, USAF interceptor pilot, and a person holding degrees in aeronautical and nuclear engineering, his expertise and credibility in regards to the impossibility of the U.S. government’s theory explaining the complete destruction of WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7– as well as the improbability of the failure of our NORAD air defenses on the morning of 9/11– can’t be dismissed. This special hour and a half long edition of 9/11 Free Fall features various activists who knew, worked with, and were fans of Dr. Robert Bowman, each discussing him, his work, and his legacy. It also features clips of Dr. Robert Bowman in various speeches and interviews he gave throughout his activist and political career.

Veterans For Peace national convention hosts 9/11 truth presentation (Kevin Ryan & Klayt Morfoot)

Published on Sep 4, 2013

Veterans For Peace held its 2013 national convention in Madison, WI in August. Chemist, author, and activist Kevin Ryan presented introductory-level information regarding the physical and circumstantial evidence which supports the need for a new, independent 9/11 investigation. UW-Eau Claire physics major and OEF/OIF veteran Klayt Morfoot co-presented with Kevin.

2009 Veterans for Peace Convention Resolution

Support a Valid Investigation into the National Security Failures of the 9/11/2001 Attacks inside the United States

9/11/2001 Attacks inside the United States, Support a Valid Investigation into the National Security Failures of the

Veterans for Peace 9/11 Truth Caucus Seeks to Publicize VFP’s Official Pro-9/11-Truth Stance

Submitted by Man In the Box on Sun, 08/11/2013

Madison, WI

Yesterday’s standing-room-only 9/11 truth presentation at the Veterans for Peace National Convention ( was followed by the 2013 VFP 9/11 Truth Caucus. First item of business: Overcoming the national leadership’s reluctance to publicize VFP’s official position demanding a new investigation of 9/11.

Since 2009, when Veterans for Peace officially adopted a resolution calling for a new investigation of 9/11, veterans at the grassroots level have been pushing the national leadership to publicize VFP’s pro-truth position and organize 9/11 truth events. But the national leadership has not been cooperative.

Phil Restino, a notable VFP 9/11 activist from the South Florida chapter, said: “Veterans for Peace has officially supported a new investigation of 9/11 for four years – but hardly anybody has heard about it!” Other VFP grassroots activists from Michigan, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and elsewhere agreed that the national leadership’s unwillingness to publicize the group’s position, and follow it up with concrete actions, needs to change.

The caucus agreed to continue applying pressure on the national leadership. Other suggestions included reaching out directly to local VFP chapters, organizing 9/11 events at the local chapter level, and issuing press releases from local chapters publicizing VFP’s official pro-9/11-truth position.

Gainesville's Florida Free Speech Forum "Loves" 9/11 Truth


2/14/2011, Gainesville, Fl: Many in the audience at the Florida Free Speech Forum (FFSF) heard Col, Bob Bowman confirm their darkest suspicions about the events of 9/11.

Lisa Renner, President of the FFSF was excited about Bowman's topic. Phil Restino, leader of Central Florida chapter 136 of VFP said the Forum organizers showed great courage in hosting an expert on national security ready to tell an audience that the 9/11 event was an act of treason.

Pulitzer-winner, ex-CIA analyst, FBI whistleblower among those arrested outside White House

By David Edwards
Thursday, December 16th, 2010

As President Barack Obama was unveiling a new report on progress of the war in Afghanistan, a lineup of high-profile dissenters joined in an act of civil disobedience that ended with about 135 demonstrators being arrested outside the White House Thursday afternoon.

The number of arrestees came by way of an attorney for one of the defendants, who spoke to Raw Story.

The military's assessment (.pdf) of the war effort found that while US troops can begin withdrawing as scheduled in July, a military presence will continue until at least 2014.

9/11 Truth, Burning Qurans, and Veterans for Peace

Rush Limbaugh and Terry “Koran Burner” Jones High were School Chums
September 17, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff · 26 Comments

Is it only a coincidence that Rush Limbaugh and Terry Jones graduated together from Cape Girardeau’s Central High School, Missouri in 1969?
Veterans For Peace Speak DOVE to DOVE for 9/11 Truth

One of the first articles to warn Pastor Terry Jones was making a disturbing promise to burn Qurans on every anniversary of 9/11 was published on July, 26th. (1) The story grew to command international coverage for Jones’s inflammatory intent to blame a billion Muslims for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In an attempt to defuse the consequences of Jones’ dangerously executed first amendment right, Gainesville Mayor, Craig Lowe declared Saturday, 9/11 to be “Interfaith Solidarity Day”.

The Gainesville Muslim Initiative (GMI) followed to sponsor a Day of Peace and Unity with activities and speakers invited at center stage to present their themes of Peace and reconciliation at the Bo Diddley stage at Gainesville’s downtown plaza.

Veterans For Peace says PNAC predicted Invasion of Afghanistan And Iraq

Tuesday, Aug 31, 2010: Phil Restino Speaks for Veterans For Peace Chapter-136 in a FOX-35 TV interview on the day President Obama announced a withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq.

Restino asserted the Project For New American Century (PNAC) was the neo-conservative document that predicted the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Veterans For Peace activist says illegal wars were predicted in PNAC document.

Phil Restino of Veterans For Peace says illegal wars were predicted in the neo-con, PNAC document.

Tuesday, Aug 31, 2010: Phil Restino Speaks for Veterans For Peace in a FOX-35 TV interview on the day President Obama announced a withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq. Restino asserted the Project For New American Century (PNAC) was the neo-conservative document that predicted the illegal wars and war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veterans for Peace - Bob Bowman on Left-Right divide

The following is from Phil Restino, Chapter Co-Chair, Central Florida Veterans For Peace:

Bob Bowman on how Left-Right divide makes antiwar movement ineffective:

YOUTUBE - Part 4 of 5:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello All,

VFP, VVAW, Lt.Col. Bob Bowman of the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace and the National Commander of The Patriots ( did a wonderful interview last month for on Greenfield Community Television in Greenfield, Mass. Dr. Bowman is the former Director of the "Star Wars" programs under presidents Ford and Carter before becoming a whistleblower when the Reagan administration was planning on using "Star Wars" as an offensive weapon.

Patriots Question 9/11 - Robert Bowman Interview

Youtube link for first of 5 youtube segments:

Top link is to first of five segments of an interview with Robert Bowman with a total running time about forty-eight minutes. Recorded live through the facilities of Greenfield Community Television www.GCTV on 13 April 2010.

Dr. Bowman served as an airforce pilot with more than 100 combat missions in Vietnam. He was in charge of a research project under the Ford and Carter administrations later to be known as Star Wars. During the Reagan administration Robert Bowman became a whistle blower knowing from the inside that this technology could only be successful as an offensive weapon. Robert Bowman, retired Lt. Col, is one of more than 200 Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials questioning the US government's 'official' version what happened on September 11, 2001 - see list and statements at . Bob Bowman currently serves as National Commander at www.ThePatriots.US

The interview was conducted by Jonathan Mark of and Tom Finnell of For a hard copy of this film, contact Jonathan Mark, see Info @ bottom of

Another url link to access all five segments, see:

Veterans For Peace May Be First Anti-War Group to Demand a New 9/11 Investigation

Anti-war groups have long been regarded as deliberate gatekeepers to the 9/11 Truth (and anti-war) movement. But in 2009 VFP membership mushroomed with savvy new members who realized it wasn't enough to protest the war if you didn't protest the government lie that allowed it to happen. And most VFP members know the "Tonkin Resolution" was a deliberate lie – aka: "False Flag".

By 2008, an international team of scientists had published volumes of conclusive evidence for “explosive demolition” of the Twin Towers and WTC-7. This hard evidence and admissions by the 9/11 commission that they were "set up to fail" moved VFP members and leadership to pass a resolution to press for a new 9/11 investigation during their 2009 annual meeting.


VETERANS FOR PEACE member submits a Resolution to Demand a 9/11 Criminal Investigation

Saive holds Griffin's  911 Contradictions
Harold Saive holds a copy of David Ray Griffin's book "9/11 Contradictions"

Like it or not, 9/11 is the most important topic of our time.

Take away the 9/11 government story and you take away:

* The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
* The so-called Patriot Act
* So-called Homeland Security
* The shredding of the US Constitution
* Eight years of a criminal in the White House

No matter what you think about 9/11, you have to agree that we'd be a very different country without it. (WTC7 - )
Submitted to Veterans For Peace, Inc.
by Harold Saive - Gainesville, Fl


WHEREAS, Veterans For Peace, Inc. is an educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war; and

University of Florida hosts Winter Soldier IVAW Panel

University of Florida & Veterans for Peace host Winter Soldier IVAW Panel

Q&A Session - Winter Soldier at University of Florida

9/11 Truth at Nancy Pelosi's front door

Code Pink and Veterans For Peace on Truth Revolution Radio

For the past week Truth Revolution Radio broadcast live from directly outside the San Francisco homes of Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein and conducted on-the-air 9/11 truth outreach to members of the anti-war groups Code Pink and Veterans For Peace who are currently staging a hunger strike outside Pelosi's mansion.

Truth Revolution Radio Monday August 13 mp3
Live from outside Feinstein's mansion - we talk to Toby from Code Pink, Luke from We Are Change with breaking news of the latest confrontation with Giuliani and August 11 action reports with Abel from Louisville Truth, Chris in NJ and CV in Maryland. Second half of the show powered by Veterans For Peace!

Truth Revolution Radio Wednesday August 15 mp3
Live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep - Mike Knarr from We Are Change calls in with a great idea and exciting news about NYC 9/11/2007, we hear from Crystal in Massachusetts, Jim in Washington, David in Chicago and interview Paul Kangas from Veterans For Peace.

Truth Revolution Radio Friday August 17 mp3
Once more broadcasting live from Nancy Pelosi's doorstep, kdub co-hosts the final show of the week and we hear August 11 action reports from Art V and Jeremy who calls in from the William Rodriguez event in Los Angeles. By the end of the show there is a 9/11 Truth Now sign hanging on Nancy Pelosi's front door.

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