A Veterans Immediate Call to Literary Arms-

An Immediate Call to Literary Arms-

A monumental undertaking in Massachusetts is taking place tentatively Tuesday the 24th of October. I have assembled a small contingency including a member of Scholars for Truth 9/11, myself (a peacetime vet), and Veterans for Peace member. We have a meeting scheduled with officers of a local VFW post, including one who is chairman for all posts in Massachusetts. Given the VFW's past reluctance to entertain any notion of government complicity or corruption, the support of all vets, peace or wartime, will bear great weight in supporting this endeavor.
The officers will be presented with elements of the military oath that we all swore to when we entered the armed forces, notable portions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and even the Pledge of Allegiance, before presenting to them valid proof that the Constitution is being slowly dismantled, the Bill of Rights are being shredded one amendment at a time, and the President and notable cohorts have structured laws placing themselves illegally above the law, while making it legal for them to punish (including torture) supporters of the Constitution.
If this encounter with the VFW is successful, it may spread successfully thru out the entire contingency of a powerful ally in the war to save the Constitution of the United States. The next alliance acquisition would be the American Legion, which will be equally as important an alliance.