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Proper Burial and Proper Recovery Rally Tomorrow at Ground Zero

The Outrage at Ground Zero:
Proper Burial / Proper Recovery Rally
Thurs. Nov. 2, 2006 - 12:30pm

For Immediate Release
Contact: Diane Horning, 908-654-5244
Sally Regenhard, 646-266-1987

An alliance of six 9/11 Family Groups, friends, union members, clergy and the public, hold rally to support Proper Burial/Proper Recovery of human remains at GZ by enlisting the assistance of the JPAC military recovery unit.

WTC site, Church Street, adjacent to the PATH station, NYC

Thursday, November 2, 2006. (This is also All Souls Day in the Christian religion & The Day of the Dead for the Mexican people)

12:30 PM

All family members and members of the public are invited and urged to attend. All elected officials will be invited to support the 9/11 Families. WE NEED YOUR ATTENDANCE TO SUPPORT US.

We must show our absolute solidarity at the site where our loved ones’ remains have lain ignored and unburied for over five years. It is time to stand up and be counted! There can be no more haphazard discovery of human body parts and personal effects. We demand a scientific, well-organized controlled survey of GZ by a reputable entity such as the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) which is the group that searches for remains of missing soldiers from WW I to the present. We need to recover human remains of our loved ones at Ground Zero, surrounding buildings and the Fresh Kills garbage dump. Join Us ! We need your help ! Dress in black/purple for mourning and bring a photo of your loved one.

A project of the following groups:
WTC Families for Proper Burial, The Skyscraper Safety Campaign, WTC United Family Group, Cantor Fitzgerald Family Relief Fund, WDoyle 9/11 Support Group, Advocates for 9/11 Fallen Heroes Memorial

Sally Regenhard, Chairperson, Skyscraper Safety Campaign
"Let us not grow tired in doing good.
For at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9


Thanks William for the heads up!

Donna Marsh O'Conner Issues An Open Letter to Bill Clinton

We received the following letter this evening from Donna Marsh O’Connor, mother of Vanessa Lang Langer who died in WTC Tower II, 93rd floor on 9/11. Please be sure to click 'read more' for the entire letter. Comments to this thread are allowed, but anything which I deem at all inappropriate will be removed.

An Open Letter to Bill Clinton from a 9/11 Mother

Dear President Clinton,

This is a letter explaining to you in, I hope, explicitly simple detail why I feared your eventual speaking out almost as much as I feared one more minute of the reign of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. But first I have to say, with absolute clarity, from the bottom of my soul, heart, in fact the very soles of my feet, thank you for finally, finally, five years too late to be sure, but finally, telling the truth about 9/11/2001.

The Bush administration had ample warning to make sure that following the Presidential Daily Briefing of August 6, 2001, that my daughter, Vanessa Lang Langer, and the thousands who died both along with her that day and in the days following survived to breathe again on this planet. They failed to save her. They used her death to perpetrate crimes every day, every minute since.

Please see it from my point of view. You along with all American citizens who have remained silent too long, please hear what I am saying:

My kid died. My kid who was raised, like you, for some time by a single parent. But unlike you, she was a female. And I worried for her on a daily basis about the ways in which a female child, particularly a female child of a young, single, divorced parent would be treated by society. She was born along with the towers in 1971 and like the towers she was gloriously beautiful. She was fierce and proud and more than a handful. Instead of nurturing her desires, I tried to rein them in for fear of what they would bring for her. That’s what a mom does, no? Instead of making her my friend, I was her mom. And on August 6th, 2001 when George W. Bush dismissed the PDB and went about with his little life on his big boy ranch, he sealed her fate. And on that day, too, I sealed my own. Vanessa was four months pregnant with her first child. She and I had the final of our many tiffs. I wanted her to finally treat me like a person, not a mom. She wanted me to let her rant. Nobody’s business, really. Just another one of our battles that was to end two weeks after 9/11/2001 when she and I were to go away, just the two of us. The two of us plus one. To talk it out. To make peace. Peace? The hideous irony of what that means now. My kid, my daughter, my baby girl with her flamboyant beauty had a fight with her husband on 9/10/2001. Hormones? She had the first fight of her life with her best friend on earth, her brother James who was fourteen at the time. In short, Vanessa believed time was wide in front of her. She was marking her space as a family member. She, as did I, thought we had all the time in the world to kiss deeply and make up, to fight for our family space and move on.

George W. Bush knew better.

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Video: C-SPAN "9/11 Press for Truth" press conference.

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At 911podcasts here:
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Posted at "truthstream" VIDEO - Campaign for a New 9/11 Investigation As reported earlier, The National Press Club and 9/11 Press for Truth hosted an event today (9/11/2006) that featured Kyle Hence of 9/11 Citizens Watch, Paul Thomspon, author of “The Terror Timeline” which is partial basis of the 9/11 Press for Truth movie, along with 4 family members of 9/11 Victims. Here is the video of that event. (The video is about an hour long, the statements by the 9/11 victim's relatives are very powerful. Donna Marsh O'Connor, Christina Kminek and Michelle Little explain why a new investigation is needed. If someone can make a .torrent for this, please do. Oh, yeah, Paul Thompson does a great job on the fly here as well.) - Thanks John for sending this in.