Flash-Video of NIST WTC7 webcast available

I have grabbed and reencoded The NIST WTC7 webcast, and made it available here:

(I have not had time to follow all the pertaining discussion here, so my apologies if this has already been handled.)

Cheers, Jakob

9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising - Trailer

The Corbett Report has just released a new fan trailer for Alex Jones' latest 9/11 documentary "The 9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising." Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising - Trailer

Truth Rising is a documentary of the struggle of the 9/11 first responders to receive medical treatment for their illnesses which they received when the EPA falsely claimed that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe. It also follows the growth of the grassroots movement to expose this and other lies surrounding the events of 9/11. To buy a DVD copy of the movie, please go to:

To watch it in high-quality online, please go to:

Videos from the Northwest Truth Convergence, July 5th, 2008

Splitting The Sky Speaks: Truth To Power

International Law Expert Dr. Joan Russow, PhD:

The S.P.P. Should Be Declared Null and Void

More video to come!

Rebuttal of Noam Chomsky's 9/11 Comments

The Corbett Report has just released a two-part documentary as a rebuttal to Chomsky's infamous 9/11 comments. These videos seek to expose the nonsensical and contradictory arguments Chomsky makes in trying to discredit 9/11 Truth. The documentary is intended to be an activist tool for spreading 9/11 Truth to academics, leftists and Chomskyites. If you think it is well-presented, please help get the word out by sending the link to people you think it might wake up.

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Dissent 1/2

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Dissent 2/2

Watch ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, and Fox September 11, 2001 coverage live, original, un-edited. (Even the commercials are intact!)

Watch the events of September 11, 2001 unfold in real-time, complete and unedited, on the major networks, simultaneously. These streams begin about 20 minutes before the first attack, while the morning news shows go about their cheerful business of interviewing tourists, singing the Love Boat theme song, goofing off with the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, and discussing ways to make your pets live longer...

And then the world changed.

Living 9/11

BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth

BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth
Internet social broadcasting service cracking down on anyone daring to question the government

by James Corbett
10 May, 2008

BlogTalkRadio is an internet-based social broadcaster that allows users to set up and host their own radio talk-show with nothing more than a phone and an internet long as they don't question the government.

As Brian McLain found out, daring to bring up questions about the government's official 9/11 fairy tale will not be tolerated by the thought police at BlogTalkRadio. Until recently, he was host of 'The Angry Scotsman' program hosted on the BlogTalkRadio site. His program was quickly cancelled, however, and his archive of previous episodes purged from the Web after the BTR censors found out about his plan to host an episode dedicated to questioning the official 9/11 story.

Please share, spread the truth

This powerful video is new to me. I think it is very powerful.

Another 3 videos added to Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 podcast

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NIST Chief Engineer Lies About Molten Metal

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Seymour Hersh about Osama Afghanistan escapes

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9/11 Truthers infiltrate Bill Maher Show

Thanks to all the 911 truth activists who created the content that is in this podcast.

Question? Comments? Suggestions?

How to Brainwash A Nation

I just came across this fascinating 7-minute video showing how Freud's nephew - Edward Bernays - created modern propaganda and psyops.

Well worth a watch.

AE911Truth: Activists Perform A NIST Street Action

Whistle while you work

Three 9/11 Truth and Justice activists, David Slesinger, of, Richard Ochs, of, and an unnamed videographer, stood outside the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) building on October 11, 2007 holding a sign encouraging NIST employees to look at the website.

Thank you, gentlemen, for the mention, and your activism. Keep up the great work!

The text of their sign (shown above) was:

Show Courage:
Respond to
& Engineers for
9/11 Truth

"Pull it down Larry" video: The ultimate proof the WTC Brought Down By The Controlled Demolition? - 9 minutes showing a lot

A colleague from the Czech-Slovak 911 movement have sent me the link to a new video (whose original intention was to debunk another debunkers video about WTC7)

But in fact it shows much more than just counterarguments against the debunkers video.

It shows that from the North tower were during the "collapse" clearly visibly ejected large chunks of its core - ripped in pieces of size of several floors, weghting probably at least hundreds of tons - to a realy considerable distance. - They were in past notoricaly confused with the perimeter columns - but perimeter columns were much thinner and mounted with much narower distances. The column distance in chunks - they can be seen in the video - compared to the north face 64m reference, is at least 4 meters, while the distance of the perimeter columns was 1m. The beam structure on the video looks like literally fitting in the proportions of the core mount - so the assumption it is the chunks of core, not the perimeter, looks like one very well supported. What force ripped the large core pieces lateraly out of the building? A Gravitation??

Announcing " Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1"

Click Picture to Watch Video Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 is the first podcast Collection in a series. Collections are drawn from the videos and audio clips that have been created and gathered by the 911 Truth Community. Our goal is organize this excellent information into Collections to make it easier to use and to share.

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Glenn Beck Visits Ohio and is Confronted by 9/11 Truth Groups

Glenn decided Ohio would be a great stop on his tour and members of Cincinnati 9/11 Truth and Ohio Change tried their best to give him a warm welcome. This was my first,"you have ten seconds before getting tackled" so give me a little slack on my questions. He really never responded or acknowledge my existence but heard me the same. A voice he will recognize in the future I'm sure. Thank you for checking it out please make sure to bid on the DVD and book. If you can please donate to my "chip in" so I can get Ohio change off the ground.

Uncut unedited raw 9/11/01 satellite feed Pentagon video

Raw CBS news feed from September 11/ spinning graphics, flashy text, dramatic music or talking points. (I don't know, but it seems like whenever they were about to say something VERY interesting, the clip is cut.)

Uncut unedited raw 9/11/01 satellite feed WTC collapse video

Raw CBS news feed from September 11/ spinning graphics, flashy text, dramatic music or talking points. (Warning: some profanity can be heard.)