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Big thanks to Arie in the Netherlands for mailing me a large set of footage, casual inspection of just a few vids revealed lots of interesting things...
Since nobody wants to click on 198 torrents, I made a zip of all of them available here: if you want to pick individual videos see Please seed whatever you download indefinitely... I will seed forever, but I am rate-limited at 64k upstream, so if you have 200G to spare please help insure this evidence continues to be available by permanently seeding it. I had posted a subset of this on CC but inexplicably it's been removed. ThePirateBay is a better solution as they do not honor takedown notices (see or for a laugh).

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Channel 4 News: Quarrel over Sarkozy appointment

(Watch a video of the report at the link -

Last Modified: 06 Jul 2007
By: Channel 4 News

A storm is brewing after French president Nicolas Sarkozy has appointed someone who believes George Bush was behind the September 11 attacks.

A transatlantic storm is brewing over one of the appointments to President Sarkozy's new cabinet - he appears to have given senior office to someone who thinks President Bush may have been responsible for 9/11.

It's well known that websites, books and films which challenge the official version of what happened on September 11th 2001 have proved seductive to millions, and nowhere more so than in France. For Mr Sarkozy, and his ambitions to draw closer to the United States, it may prove something of an embarrassment.

ZEITGEIST The Movie - DVD for downloading

The official release of the three part movie Zeitgeist is out on Google video. I downloaded the high resolution AVI file and converted it to DVD. I also put together some images to use for DVD label and cover.

Comparison Video - The Planned Demolition of the WTC


A video that compares aspects of well known, 'obvious' building demolitions with the almost hidden ones of WTC 1 & 2 on September 11th 2001. I say almost because ANYONE can watch this video and see it for themselves.

See hundreds of demolition charge flashes before and during the implosions of the towers.

Watch as huge horizontal blasts eject steel and concrete far below the collapsing section.

Its clear cut folks....those towers were absolutely laced with demo charges, fact.

And that creates all sorts of horrible thoughts....

We must expose the 9/11 Inside Job...for the victims, their families, subsequent war deaths and for everyone on this planet.

Thanks to the video "9/11: The Explosive Reality" - which inspired me to put this little video together.


9/11 The Explosive Reality on DivX Stage 6

It has been a lot of work getting this video uploaded. I tried Google Video and they removed it immediately, then You Tube removed all versions. However I am proud to say it is up in DivX Stage 6 format and looks amazing. You may need a DivX plug in to watch the video but this is easy to install. I really don't know who the individual was who put this together. I believe his screen name on You Tube was polliunsaturated and I have heard his account was deleted. This is a MUST SEE for any person interested in 9/11. There are newscasts included from every American network who broadcast on 9/11. I never even knew about smoke in the subway before watching this. Many other anomalies are new to me. The media scripting seems so much more apparent as well. Best to watch in full screen.


I just came over this one hour documentary at YouTube. It has some interesting interviews (see full list of persons below). Zbigniew Brzezinski gets eight minutes on his role in Afghanistan in the late 1970s.

Part 1 of 7:

Go here to watch part 2-7:

OUR OWN PRIVATE BIN LADEN is a film about understanding the creation of the persona of Osama bin Laden as a phenomenon of the interplay between history, politics, global economics and the media. The film highlights the historical background that led to the fatal link between post-Cold War politics and the emergence of new forms of terrorism that succeeded in establishing their own economy. It traces the connection between privatization, deregulation and free market and the globalization of terrorism.
OUR OWN PRIVATE BIN LADEN examines the complicity between economic structures of "terror" and "the war on terror," their interdependencies, and the creation of the Bin Laden industry as a consequence.

The film explains why the world after September 11, 2001 is less the result of a stray act of terror but the consequence of a series of fatal decisions made from 1945 onwards.

Named Best Foreign Documentary and Best Film of the Festival at the inaugural European Independent Film Festival in Paris, Samira Goetschel's consuming work achieves the brilliance of Michael Moore with a great degree of dignity and restraint. By sheer determination, she collected a trove of high-caliber interviews with eminent investigative journalists and political figures such as Cold War-era CIA director Stansfield Turner, former national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, Pakistani ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto and the world's leading "public intellectual” Noam Chomsky.

Loose Change Final Cut Teaser Released

YouTube link

The link above is to a mirror on our servers, below is the original posting from Dylan.

Direct Download: (yes, that is the working link)

Take it for what you will, folks. It's called a teaser for a reason. :lol:

Thanks to DBLS for the heads up!

Global Hawk Drone Hit Pentagon, Says Conspiracist

The video talks about the Pentagon, and some interesting info about Uranium. It's about 5 mins long. I had never seen this one until a minute ago. Great pictures.

From Danger Room:

Global Hawk Drone Hit Pentagon, Says Conspiracist

INN Interviews Crockett Grabbe - PhD Professor of Physics at the University of Iowa - Video Download


INN World Report interviewed Dr. Crockett Grabbe - professor of physics at the University of Iowa - regarding his thoughts on the 'collapses' of WTC1, WTC2, & WTC7. In this interview he lists numerous reasons to suspect controlled demolition and expresses support for alternative theories.

Thanks to for the heads up!

Videos of James Fetzer event sponsored by (filmed by

Controversial researcher Dr. James Fetzer was invited to speak in NYC on Friday 4/20/07 by I was in attendance and have put together two rush video cuts (one 9 minutes, the other 1hr18min). I have provided these videos as a simple public service and will currently refrain from making judgment calls about the content.

You can see both the videos here on TruthMove's new Video section:
Also, check out our Disinformation page for more on some of the controversies surrounding these issues:

9 minute highlight version on YouTube:

1hr18min version on Google Video:

Reflecting Pool Film Trailer

Trailer for a film "Reflecting Pool". Its about a reporter beginning to investigate 9/11 and coming to terms with the facts.

Includes interviews from 9/11 family members and firefighters, and a parody of Bill O'Reilly!

Looks really well done, I can't wait to see the feature length piece.

Some positive ideas and directions from Mia Hammel @ Az conference

Lots of good ideas on focusing on the positive in this presentation about organising and advancing the movement.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." --------- Mark Twain

We Will Not Be Silenced PART 2

Another intense short video. This is good anger. My kind of music video, awsome stuff. Crank up the sound.

Go here to see the videos:

"Our role in life, is that the blessed of us, will help the rest of us, until the rest of us become the blessed
of us... Victory is not won overnight, it's won out of protracted struggle... The only thing we are afraid of is
apathy and silence... You can never justify war... We are going to wake up the American public..."

Music by DJ Paul Edge
Speeches by Rev. Graylan Hagler
Animation by TOL23Design

Comments to video PART 1 here:

NeoConservative Manifesto

This is an interesting short video — "The NeoConservative Manifesto".

Very well done, by Barry from

Also mirrored for posterity here:

The Complete "The Third Stage" video by Danse

For those who haven't seen the whole thing.

"All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

-Arthur Schopenhauer.