Google Video of BBC's 'Conspiracy Files' on 9/11

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Please note that there are currently torrents available here and here, and that we should be hosting a downloadable version of the show later this evening as well.

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(Video) 911Truth: Methods of Manipulation

What keeps us from uniting against tyranny? What are the false paradigms that divide us? Fear and disinformation divide us, along with distractions from the real issue at stake here: Freedom vs. Slavery. The founder of has distributed over 2,000 Alex Jones Production films and now seeks to boost support for paradigm-busters like PrisonPlanet.TV - we urge you to join PrisonPlanet.TV today and act locally for liberty! Sometimes, the hardest thing to face and believe - is the truth.

CW11 New York Airs Feature Story on 9/11 Skeptics


CW11 New York ran a 7 minute spot on 9/11 'conspiracy theories' last night on their 10 o'clock news. While the clip is somewhat focused around Gary Welz, a college professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Fordham and a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice, it merely uses him as a context for which to cover the larger subject of 9/11 conspiracy theories. The spot begins with X-Files music and quickly runs through a gamut of conspiracy theories from JFK, to Marilyn Monroe and Princess Di's murders, to Tupac, Elvis, and even Ken Lay still being alive. The spot labels all of these (and 9/11 conspiracy theories) as 'urban legends' and even features David Dunbar (author of 'Debunking 9/11 Myths') mentioning how such skepticism dishonors the dead.

Other things worth noting from the video are Gery Welz's comments on his experience on the morning of 9/11 (he saw the 2nd plane fly overhead into the south tower with a group of friends), bringing up how the EPA lied about the air quality around ground zero, the polls which support widespread skepticism, a brief mention of Loose Change and the missile at the Pentagon theory, the debunked 'plume' footage retracted from 9/11: In Plane Site, a reference to Dr. Griffin's book 'Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11' (although no mention of Dr. Griffin by name), and the claims of Flight 93's plume photo being fake.

According to CW11 New York's website they are "seen in over 10 million homes through over-the-air and satellite distribution". You can stream this video via their webpage for their Fact Finders segments.

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Presidential Hopeful Dennis Kucinich Calls for 9/11 Truth at DC Protest

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Interesting comments from Kucinich about a minute and a half into the clip above:

And finally, our plan is to tell the truth about 9/11

You might recall a post almost a year ago when Kucinich said:

Do we see a pattern here? 9/11? Katrina? They knew something was going to happen and they didn't act.

Interestingly enough the following article is from just 11 days ago and seems to take a different position in regards to Kucinich:
Kucinich Office says, "9/11 is's past" -- Review of 9/11 Report not a priority -

You can find Dennis Kucinich's website at It might be a good idea to contact him with your thoughts, and encourage him to layout in detail on his website exactly what he hopes to do in office as related to 9/11 truth.

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New 911 documentary: "The Process of Transformation"

14 January, 2007

911 "The Process of Transformation" -- TV documentary
Nate Moulton (DJ Logitek) has outdone the Television Networks and produced a dramatic documentary about the "events of 911".

The Process of Transformation is a documentary about the attacks of September 11th 2001, it contains various clips about 9/11 as well as evidence of US government involvment in the attacks. Watch all 6 parts of this great documentary. Moulton Steel Productions.

Watch all six parts:

Part 6 of 6:


Watch all six parts:

New YouTube Video - 'The True Lies of 9/11'

Part 1

(Part 2 after the jump..)

Remo Conscious Video 'We Know' Released

This new music video by Remo Conscious focuses on 9/11, and features a cameo by the creators of Loose Change.

Google Video:

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Actor James Brolin Plugs on The View - Video Download

On December 6th we covered actor James Brolin and director David Lynch both coming out regarding 9/11 skepticism. James Brolin plugged - home of the documentary 9/11 Mysteries - on The View, but at the time we didn't have the video clip. Download the WMV above and check it out.

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911Podcasts Exclusive (Video): Guernica Iraq

Guernica” was painted by Picasso in 1937. It depicts the senseless massacre by the Nazi Luftwaffe in the Basque city of Guernica, Spain. The attack was ordered at the behest of fascist Spanish General, Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was a non-military target, the innocent people of the town were attacked in an attempt to psychologically break the will of those who opposed Franco’s fascistic nationalist pursuit.

New 9/11 video presentation from

This presentation by covers all the areas of hard evidence refuting the official story inlcuding the tower collapses, air defenses and the history of al qaeda with meticulous citing and detail. It also goes a long way, without speculating, to answering the questions who would have had the capacity and motive carry out the attacks, and who has acted to suppress this information?

This is a basic video / audio / powerpoint presentation and while it is not as entertaining or 'sexy' as other 9/11 documentaries it is meticulous in its covering and citing of information.

Check it out, and pass it along if you think it will help you get the word out. Email me if you'd a link to a higher-quality file sutable for conversion to DVD, or I can also mail you a DVD

Powerpoint only:
Web Format:

Key 9-11 Facts And Assumptions Challenged By Prof. David Ray Griffin

Please follow this link to the original article to view all 10 videos. Thanks to FHB for sending this in...

9-11 Investigation: key facts and assumptions about the 9-11 tragedy are systematically dismantled and proven false by retired theologician and active book writer Prof. David Ray Griffin. His documentary video - 9-11: Myth Or Reality? has some valuable insight everyone with an open mind should confront itself with.

David Ray Griffin, is a retired Philosophy and Theology professor who has spent considerable time studying, analyzing and reviewing the facts and information that did not make to the front page of most world newspapers in the aftermatch of the 9-11 tragedy.

WTC-7 Any Questions?

A nice little video comparison of a building which burned for some 15 hours and WTC7.

The video was made by Perry A. Thanks to Prison Planet for the catch.

Video: David Lynch on Loose Change

" don't have to believe everything in the documentary to still have questions come up... and you look back and you remember what you saw, and what you were told, and now, you have questions."

Clip from VPRO's Wereldgasten, december 3rd 2006. David Lynch discusses Loose Change.

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