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Having this last weekend looked at the new video "911 What We Saw" (comes up on google video if you search this), there are several interesting points that need making.

1. Without any question there is a third plane. We already knew of course, but this video clearly documents an unidentified plane. From other videos we know that this was circling the towers during the two attacks. It surprises me that not more is being made of this fact. The implication is that this plane is watching, and co-ordinating the attacks.

2. The smoke rising lower down, already documented by 911 Eyewitness (the Richard Siegel film), is confirmed here albeit at a poor angle. If you look below the lowest visible reenforced elevator floor, a few floors below this (look at the lower and darker builder behind, not the outline of the South Tower) you can clearly see whisps of dust and smoke from the corner of the North Tower. This can be seen BEFORE the second impact. Furthermore, it is not completely at street level... so whatever it is must be coming from the tower itself rather than anything blown up from the street below where the air is clear.

3. Important parts of this video appear to be missing. Immediately before the first collapse, we appear to see an explosion at street level. Unfortunately, this has been clipped, and we go straight into the dust clouds from the collapse itself. It the footage of this explosion is still waiting unedited, somewhere, we ought to be shown it!

Dr. Steven Jones 'Lifting the Fog' Berkeley Lecture Now on Google Video

This is the recording of a live webcast of Steven Jones' presentation from the Lifting the Fog conference held on the campus of UC Berkeley thanks to - A new video on the manipulation of FEAR.

(Embedded Quicktime viddy... auto-launches.)

A mash up of the UNKLE track “Fear” with some political commentary set to visuals. A video montage exploring the dark nature of fear and its use aginst free people everywhere, ends with a warning of things to come...

Pretty cool.

Mancow Makes His Debut on Fox News By Being Belligerent With Kevin Smith Regarding 9/11 Skepticism

Powerful 9/11 Info Hits Prime-Time TV for First Time -
Low-Brow FOX Hit-Piece Fails to Counter Evidence of an Inside Job

FOX News national TV special ' Planet Mancow' featured a slew of pop-culture junkets, a celebrity interview with William Shatner and an attempt to slander 9/11 Truth by putting one of its spokesmen, Infowars' Kevin Smith, face-to-face with dying fireman Brian Harvey, who rescued victims after the attacks.

The host of the program, Chicago-based radio personality Erich "Mancow" Muller, tried to portray his guest Kevin Smith--producer for the Alex Jones radio show-- as a backwoods conspiracy nut living in a shed; however, neither Mancow nor Harvey could refute any of Smith's information-- they could only restate their disbelief.

Looks like Mancow proved himself worthy of the Fox News channel last night in his debut. Be sure to check out the link above for a detailed report on the show from

Firefighter Describes "Molten Metal" at Ground Zero, like a "Foundry"

This video shows a firefighter describing molten metal flowing at ground zero, and says it was like a "foundry".

For context, see this essay. Thanks to FeO for the heads up!

911 Truth Movement: WE`LL NEVER STOP . . .

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Thanks to Prisonplanet for the heads up.

Note: this is a duplicate of this blog entry, sorry for the confusion.

911 Truth Movement: WE'LL NEVER STOP...

I just found this on prisonplanet, I think it was shot with a camera phone or something but it’s a great example of guerrilla activism.

We'll Be Watching You! (New Video)

This video was inspired by the amazing efforts and successes of the 9/11 Truth Movement (Who are the "We" in the title), and the urgency for the impeachment and investigation of the Bush Administration et al (Who are the "You" in the title).

Video of David Shayler & Annie Machon at Leeds

David Shayler and Annie Machon at the Unspinning the Truth event organised by The West Yorkshire Truth Campaign Tues 17th October 2006

Hat tip to

Carol Brouillet: 9-11 Truth Candidate Statement

Carol Brouillet:

I must admit that I've done more 9-11 Truth Activism than campaigning for Congress, but I did get a chance to do a 3 minute Candidate Statement on a couple of television statements and I just posted one of them on the web at:

My opponent has been pushing for the expansion of the Intelligence Agencies, a new Counter-Terrorism Cyberspace Czar and following the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. When I'm mentioned in the press- it is as a 9-11 Truth Activist or as a candidate- but never both in the same breath- so the public needs to know that I am a 9-11 Truth Candidate. It's only found on my website and in cyberspace. Any help to spread the word would be appreciated.

This is the text of the 3 minute speech:

I am Carol Brouillet, Green Party Candidate for California's 14th Congressional District. Love for my family and the world drives me to work for political change, to redirect the nation's resources from a war economy--from killing and controlling--towards a peace economy. War is the biggest, most lucrative business on the planet, but it enriches the few, and threatens all of us.

On September 11th, what frightened me more than the horrific images from New York was the way the media and the government began beating the drums for war.

VIDEO: Land of the Free by LJ Heiss

Awesome anti-nW0 music video

Dr. David Ray Griffin Speaks in Copenhagen, Denmark

Thanks Thomas for the heads up!

Dutch News Airs 15 Minute Piece on 9/11 Conspiracies

Dutch News Piece on 9/11 Inside Job -

This news clip focuses primarily around theories regarding the Pentagon, the WTC collapse (no note of WTC7), and Flight 93.

Still in Denial about 9/11?

"We were also killed on 9/11, avenge us."

First Responder David Miller

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Dr. David Ray Griffin Interview in Copenhagen and an Appeal to the European Community

Dr. David Ray Griffin Copenhagen Interview

Interview with Prof. David Ray Griffin about 9/11 and an appeal to the European Community.

Also, if you haven't checked out the other recent video featuring Dr. Griffin be sure to check it out here:
9/11 The Myth and the Reality: Dr. David Ray Griffin

Big thanks to Thomas for the heads up!

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