Amazing flash video: We Will Not Be Silenced

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"To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men"
- Abraham Lincoln

New Video: Talking About a Revolution

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9/11 Truth: Everybody Knows (except the mainstream media!)

9/11 Truth: Everybody Knows (except the mainstream media!)

This is a great new talk by Barry Zwicker on 9/11, momentum, and the media.

Puts in perspective how wide-spread 9/11 truth is, why we should not be afraid to talk about it, and how high the stakes are. Zwicker helps light a fire under our 9/11 activism.

A must-see and - at less than 10 minutes long - there's no excuse not to watch it.

New Short Clip from '9/11 Mysteries'

A mass of conrete, iron, and more found fused together below Ground Zero

9/11 - Can you keep a secret? I hope not - The Truth Will Set You Free

"The NIST report represents what can really only be called anti-science. They started with their conclusion and worked their way back to some leading hypothesis."

"Here is the meteorite - molten iron fused with concrete."

"Architects, engineers, people who work with steel - welders - have just never seen the level of destruction and the level of deformation of this material in their lives."

"As I stood there on the 33rd floor, I heard very strange noises on the 34th floor. now, the 34th floor was an empty floor - a floor that did not have any kind of walls, it was a construction floor. It was totally hollowed out there was nothing there . . . not even the elevators stopped there. You had to have a special access key to open the door on the 34th floor"

There are some very interesting clips in this short film, be sure to check it out for some things you might not have seen before.

This is actually part of the recently released 3 part series '9/11 Mysteries'. Sorry for the confusion, here is the link to the full film:
911 Mysteries - Demolitions (Full Length)

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From Freedom to Fascism on Google Video

Check it out here, thanks to everyone who sent this in:


New 911 Truther Video: "911 Mysteries: Demolitions"

Watch these (new?) documentary videos:

  1. 911 Mysteries: Demolitions (Part 1 of 3) [30 minutes]
  2. 911 Mysteries: Demolitions (Part 2 of 3) [31 minutes]
  3. 911 Mysteries: Demolitions (Part 3 of 3) [30 minutes]

Brilliantly made, mostly sticking to known facts. Well explained science background. Poses most of the important questions. Good stuff for passing along to "not-yet-truthers" amongst your neighbourhood, family, workplace, friends....

I believe these are quite newly released (never before encountered them).

Albanese Short Film from Ground Zero 09/11/06

MASS DEMONSTRATIONS ARE THE ONLY ANSWER. Please forward this video far an wide. It is an important call to take to the streets, and we must not stop now. You can download the video here:

Citgo Pentagon Tape Released

The Citgo videotape of the Pentagon on 9/11 has been released, but apparently does not show the attack itself. Here is Raw Story's coverage, with video.

The FBI has also agreed to release to Judicial Watch a videotape obtained from the Doubletree Hotel near the Pentagon by November 9, 2006.

Griffin on BBC


David Ray Griffin appeared on BBC's Heaven & Earth Sunday. Here's the link. A British 9/11 truther tells me there were approximately 1 million viewers. It is an excellent interview, and David Shayler was great too.

Video: C-SPAN "9/11 Press for Truth" press conference.

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Posted at "truthstream" VIDEO - Campaign for a New 9/11 Investigation As reported earlier, The National Press Club and 9/11 Press for Truth hosted an event today (9/11/2006) that featured Kyle Hence of 9/11 Citizens Watch, Paul Thomspon, author of “The Terror Timeline” which is partial basis of the 9/11 Press for Truth movie, along with 4 family members of 9/11 Victims. Here is the video of that event. (The video is about an hour long, the statements by the 9/11 victim's relatives are very powerful. Donna Marsh O'Connor, Christina Kminek and Michelle Little explain why a new investigation is needed. If someone can make a .torrent for this, please do. Oh, yeah, Paul Thompson does a great job on the fly here as well.) - Thanks John for sending this in.

Venezuela's Chavez says Bush planned 9/11 attacks - Video

Video: Venezuela's Chavez says Bush planned 9/11 attacks -

HUGO CHAVEZ, VENEZUELAN PRES. (through translator): The hypothesis that is gaining strength, which was said on television last night, and which could soon blow up, was that it was the same U.S. imperial power that planned and carried out this terrible terrorist attack, or act, against its own people and against citizens all over the world. Why? To justify the aggression that was immediately unleashed on Afghanistan, on Iraq and the threats against all of us, against Venezuela, too.

Thanks Gold for the heads up!

Loose Change Covered on Paula Zahn Now on CNN - Video Download

Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas were featured tonight in a 4 minute segment on Paula Zahn, click the image above to grab it. Big ups to Neil for the hookup! Thanks TT for the google video link!

Dr. David Ray Griffin and David Shayler Presentation in London - Review, Pics, and Video

9/11: David Ray Griffin & David Shayler - JULTRA

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend the London event with David Ray Griffin and David Shayler: Was 9/11 an inside job ? The event got an excellent plug in yesterday's Guardian.

A Christian theologian, David Ray Griffin is one of the most fluent, eloquent, impressive and persuasive people to write and talk on 9/11, and who's contributions to 9/11 study, critique and discourse have simply been enormous, so I was very much looking forward to this lecture.

After the introductions by a leading UK 9/11 Truth activist; a fellow called Andy, Shayler gave an excellent and very down to Earth and very decent speech which covered himself, his background in MI5 and 9/11 which progressed into a particularly outstanding section about liberty and democracy in the UK which got a large round of applause.

Griffin gave an excellent and detailed speech which covered a great deal of ground from the alleged hijackers, NORAD's response, the destruction of the WTC, the Pentagon and the political backdrop to 9/11.

Check out the link above for 3 youtube videos and a handful of pictures from the event.

Thanks to jultra for the heads up!