Vincent Salandria

Interview on blackopradio

My interview with Len Osanic (June 21, 2007) is archived at under "Archived Shows 2007" No. 327, Part 3, or go here: .

The books ("Correspondence with Vincent Salandria" and "Looking for the Enemy") are available here: .

Len's summary is ok, too, except that he misheard me on impeachment: I said it is (i.e., would be) a political process, and therefore significant regardless of the outcome.

He has a different impression of Vince than I have--which is fine; I'm glad he spoke his mind too.

9/11 and the JFK assassination have a lot in common, as I am at pains to point out. It is important to see the connection--that 9/11 is NOT a freak phenomenon but part of an ongoing history.

Michael Morrissey