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Visibility 9-11 November Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Another month has passed and much has happened, even in the last 30 days to advance the cause for truth surrounding the events of September 11th. Be sure and check 911Blogger every day for all the daily 9-11 related news and happenings. If you don’t have an account there, create one. Then you can host your own blog and post 9-11 related information that you either create or come across. With many visitors/bloggers contributing, it can better be insured that nothing important will get by us. It’s a team effort and thanks to the 911Blogger team and all of its contributors!

Michael Wolsey, Col. Jenny Sparks and Bruce Marshall on Truth Revolution Radio

Michael Wolsey of was the guest on the Sept. 3 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We discuss his work as a truth activist and radio host, with a special focus on his series on cointelpro. We are also joined by 911blogger's own Col. Jenny Sparks and discuss a bit of the controversy behind The Kennebunkport Warning. Bruce Marshall joins the show during the last segment to discuss his role in promoting The Warning.

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Hurray for Rosie

Being a Southern 'Bible-Belter" Republican, was
a hard pill for me to swallow corcerning 9-11. However, it really
does NOT take a genius to see holes in the official story that are
quite literally HUGE enough to fly those planes through. I used to
be a fan of O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. Frankly I now view
them at best as "purfumed whores" at worst "accessories to the
crime itself"

A couple of days ago when Rosie came out on 9-11 the two stories
I was seeing on TV were Rosie getting crucified and Carl Rove
rapping and dancing around like a complete buffoon! Since Bush
does not have the brain muscle for heavy lifting it's obivious to me
Rove is calling the shots that affect our daily lives. However, in
the mainstream his little "dance" was just so cute. I've never really
been a Rosie fan but I sure am now. We have her asking pertinent
questions on the same day and people calling for her to be fired.
I understand the political genius Danny Bonoduce even called for
Rosie to be hung. I ask: "What's wrong with this picture" ???

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Three Shoes Posse


This episode of Visibility 9-11 features an interview with Jerry and Deborah Stevens and Patterson Martin of the band Three Shoes Posse. Drawing on many influences including a heavy emphasis on Reggae, Three Shoes Posse have brought their own special blend of activism together with genuine musical talents to bring the world their self titled CD release which includes the smash truth hit, 10 Second Freefall.

Listen here.


911 Truth Gaining Visibility in Progressive Media: Gore Vidal Calls for New 911 Investigation in Alex Jones Interview

Gore Vidal: Who cares what the media says about anything. They are bought and paid for a thousand times over. They couldn't tell the truth if they could find it.

I realize there have been posts about Vidal's interview with Alex Jones, but I wanted to share this article regarding same which came out in RawStory/Jones Report today. The article contains both the transcript of the interview and a video of the interview itself.

Also, big plug (ad) for TerrorStorm at the bottom of the article!

Here's the link: